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Oct 26, 2012 11:47 AM

Park was terrible!!!

I just had lunch at park and the experience was horrible.The space is incredibly ugly and cold, the wine list is printed out in a dirty duo tang, there are no menus(only a blackboard that is impossible to read)or bathrooms(only available in the office building and are always busy)and they use paper napkins. I'm all for casual chic but Park takes it to a whole other level. The food is average at best, our lunch was unanimously panned from everyone at our table. The fish is fresh and delicious but incredibly expensive. If I want to spend $300 on dinner I want the whole package.I've been three times and I've always felt that it seemed like a school restaurant project. The oddest thing was that hector larivee delivered their produce and beer at1:30 , traipsing in and out of the restaurant repeatedly. Soo umproffessional. I really want to like it but I just don't...I live in the area and have yet to hear anyone who likes it. Seems like it gets a lot of love here but my question is why?

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  1. I was there also at lunch and was not bothered by any of the things you mention. The food was very good and the fish is fresh and of good quality. Yes, it is expensive but you get what you pay for in Montreal for such good fish.

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      Point taken. I just find the whole operation really unproffessional for such an expensive restaurant. Their lack of concern for detail is offensive to me. Did you try the quinoa salad and the pork and crab dish? I thought both were pretty disgusting. The best part of my lunch was the salad!

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        No, we did not have the bento box. We had the sushi plate for $21 and the bibimbap with salmon for $18. The description of the bento box did not appeal to us.

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          I have to say that is one of my complaints. Couldn't see the blackboard and just easier to order the bento box. Our waiter hardly knew how to describe what was in the box let alone anything else. Wish I had known the other options!

    2. I live nearby and have been 6 times so far (once for lunch) and I absolutely love the place.

      Yes, they do need to iron out a few "service"-related issues but the food has no comparison anywhere else in the city.

      (1) You find the space ugly. That's debatable. It's not for everyone.

      (2) A chalked up food and wine list is very common at places where the food changes often. At Park, it changes daily depending on what is received that day. Antonio actually receives freshly-caught fish 5 days a week!

      (3) You pay for what you get. Fish of this quality comes at a steep price unfortunately. You won't find it anywhere else. Cheaper than flying to Vancouver to get something comparable.

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      1. re: 514eats

        I really wish they would step up the service side. Good food is not enough....No one is debating that the fish is delicious but why add fresh crab meat to pulled pork? Disgusting!!! Maybe I order badly but he should put as much care to his cooked food as he does to his raw food. All I'm saying is that I've gone with 13 people and not one person really enjoyed the experience. The restaurant baffles me, I just don't get it!

        1. re: Gloriaa

          Dunno, I loved the cooked food too. Once had a rabbit loin on top of a veal cheek, it was incredible. Also had a half fried soft shell crab on top of a kimchi-topped crab salad. That was genius too. all of this was from the omakase tasters menu. Anyhow, to each their own taste right?

      2. Seems like the discussion here is an issue of perception vs reality. i have been to Park at least a dozen times and have found the Bento Boxes hit and miss as they change every day.The Sushi is some of the best in Montreal and the Bibomap is the best I have eaten in Montreal. Park is not expensive, lunch runs $15-$20 and Supper from $20 to $80 for the Omakase Dinner (most dishes run in the $20-$30 range).The Omakase Dinner is the only item that I would find pricey but it is not for everybody because your are asking the chef to amaze you with what he's got and that might not suit everybody.

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        1. re: finefoodie55

          I will second that Park is way over-rated, though not by any means terrible. I have had better experiences with lunch (several) and think it is actually a decent value. I would go back for lunch, especially because there isn't much else I like in the neighbourhood.

          I had one dinner and would not go out of my way to go back for another, not because it was terrible, but just because I thought it represented poor value.

          My biggest quibble is with the sushi. True that when I have had it, the fish was very fresh. That's important, but IMHO the only thing to recommend it. On both occasions I had it (lunch and dinner) there were issues with technique (rice cooking/seasoning and nigiri assembly). There were also issues with conception from my perspective (though that is subjective and I tend to be somewhat of a purist). One sashimi plate just ruined the fish by literally drowning it in vinaigrette and topping it with truffle oil. That was probably the dealbreaker for me.

          1. re: thelonious777

            "One sashimi plate just ruined the fish by literally drowning it in vinaigrette and topping it with truffle oil."


            Perhaps the restaurant's name should be changed from Park to Hack.

        2. You should really give Park a second chance, it is by far one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal. Try going for dinner and eat by the bar. Exceptional experience if you enjoy fish!