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Oct 26, 2012 11:17 AM

Kiriko, is it the same dishes at lunch as at dinner ?

If I say, order a la carte, is it the same dishes at lunch as well as dinner ? Or is dinner supposed to be better by its inherent nature ? My friend was pondering this over for a while.

What do you guys say ?

Ater all it's the same kinmedai at lunch as at dinner ? as well as the same halibut with smashed black truffles ? as well as the same smoked salmon wrapped around mango and topped with caviar ? Or am I completely mistaken on this point ???


I'm slightly craving a few of their dishes again, but once again in my opinion it is nowhere near the best traditional style sushi in town.

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  1. Aside from the lunch specials (3 hand roll set, prix fixe lunch omakase, etc.) not available at dinner, their dishes, regulars and specials, are priced the same on both the lunch and dinner menus, and the portions are equivalent in my experience. I guess it depends on what you mean by "the same". They can't make each order of sushi identical.

    While I think the chefs may give a nicer cut of fish (say, if one end of a filet is "better" than the other) to the person ordering lunch omakase vs. the person getting the lunch moriawase, I'm not sure that they maintain separate fish for separate kinds or orders, and I really doubt they'd keep "lunch" fish vs. "dinner" fish, except as a result of natural prioritization (e.g. half of the kinmedai filet from last night dinner is left, so it should be used up during today's lunch before cracking open a new filet...), but I could be way off.

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      So basically I can go for lunch or dinner if just ordering a few pieces in your opinion and it should be just fine and the same ? Obviously I realize that each piece at each moment in time may be different.

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        I think J.L. might disagree with me, but of my limited dinner experience there, compared to my extensive lunch experience, I did not notice any significant differences.

        1. re: PeterCC

          Yea. I was waitIng for Mr. JL to chime in as well as others.

          But I highly trust your input too.

    2. I don't go to Kiriko for lunch (I'm at work), so I can't comment on comparisons.

      As for the comment:

      "... in my opinion it is nowhere near the best traditional style sushi in town."...

      My only comment to kevin is that Kiriko was never a traditional sushi-ya to begin with. You're gonna get salmon, mango, fish broth gelee, and ice cream at Kiriko - Very non-traditional ingredients. I suppose if one has to categorize Kiriko, then it would be a modern sushi house, for lack of a better phrase. But dayyum, that modern stuff sure tastes good to me!

      Having said that, I will also say that my dinners at Kiriko (and I eat dinner there at least 8-9 times a year) have been uniformly excellent. Again, I go into Kiriko with the mindset that its NOT gonna be an edomae experience to begin with.

      Look, if you're hesitant about spending your hard-earned jack on dinner at Kiriko because it may not live up to your expectations for the amount of money you'll be spending, fine. Use that money on a place you know you're gonna love (like Mori or Shunji, I suppose), and have a ball.

      1. Went to lunch once (with PeterCC actually), and the sushi omakase actually included some nice pieces of nigiri that I would've otherwise expected at dinner. So no, I don't the the quality (at least with regards to the omakase or a la carte dishes) is different. But yeah, I have a feeling the set lunches' fish isn't as good...