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Oct 26, 2012 11:09 AM

Watermelon Radish - Do you know where to buy in Toronto? or Markham?


I would like to know that does anyone know where to buy the watermelon radish in Toronto? I saw this in one of the website for making Bento box lunch. It looks pretty, I never see it in here.


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  1. We've found them at Whole Foods sometimes. (Avenue Road Location)

    1. I bought some from a vendor at the Trinity Bellwoods farmer's market but it was about a month ago. It's the very friendly guy at the last stall to the west.

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      1. re: crawfish

        I bought a package of seeds for watermelon radish last spring. Absolutely nothing grew.

        1. re: Herne

          I've tried growing watermelon radishes in the spring several times, but 2 times they were destroyed by cutworms and another time they bolted. I spoke to Antony John at Soiled Reputation farms, and he mentioned they did better if planted as a fall crop. I planted some in August, but we didn't get enough heat units in Sept.

          I bought some at Soiled Reputation's stall at the Covent Garden Farmer's Market in London last weekend. I would think some might be available at the Soiled Reputation stall at the Perth County Slow Food Market in Stratford next Sunday. As far as I know, Antony doesn't currently sell his Soiled Reputation produce at any markets or produce shops in the GTA. He does supply some restaurants in Toronto.

      2. They've them at 4 Life in Kensington for the past few weeks.

        1. Right now is the season for them

          Several vendors had them at the Brickworks farmers market on Saturday but don't expect that to last necessarily

          Until you slice into them they really don't look like much, in fact they look kind of nasty

          1. Thank you for replying. I will go to Whole Foods to check, it open a new in Markham area.