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Oct 26, 2012 10:22 AM

Bringing back a taste on Montreal

I will be visiting your city soon and I'm interested in foodstuffs, kitchen tools that are both uniquely Quebcecois and delicious. At least things not easily obtainable where I reside in North Carolina.

What are your favorite cheeses, sausages, and other foods?

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  1. Careful... check the customs regulations. On my last visit (2011) sausages were not allowed to be taken into the US. I'd hate for you to get stopped and lose all the lovely foodstuffs.

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    1. re: iluvcookies

      While I agree about checking with US Customs Regulation, one rule of thumb is that all meat and cheese, except lamb & goat, are permissible, raw or cooked, so long as the meat is grown and processed in Quebec. This includes canned goods too. So, grape leaves made in Greece but sold in Quebec is a no-no, while Naked Lunch canned duck is fine.

      I;m surprised about the sausage not being allowed. I had no problem bringing it in. And this was after an hour long inspection on the I-91 border crossing in VT. Maybe it was the sheep casing?

      1. re: David11238

        I didnt get stopped, but I read on the US customs list that it wasn't allowed so I didn't even try to bring any back. I just enjoyed it during my visit and brought back croissaints, coffee from Second Cup, a bottle of wine and a lot of other non-food stuff, like a lucky rooster statue frome one of the gourmet shops and a package of coffee filters from Pharmaprix because I liked the green package they were in.

        Here is a link to the CBP, for reference

      1. Howsabout the largest slab of cretons you can find.
        Perhaps spruce beer.
        A whole brisket of smoked meat from Quebec Smoked Meat.

        1. Ice Cider
          Maple Syrup
          Montreal Bagels (slice & freeze asap!)

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          1. re: C70

            Ice Cider - oh yes!
            Maple Syrup - definitely.

            I'd add a few micro brews (check the customs allowance for alcoholic beverages) and some vacuum packed frozen smoked meat.

          2. A visit to Fromagerie Hamel or Fromagerie Atwater will allow you to see and taste many different Quebec cheeses - I believe you can bring them into the US as long as they're not raw milk (unless they have loosened that restriction). Sausages aren't something I would bother bringing back from here. +2 on the ice cider, bagels, and maple syrup.