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Oct 26, 2012 08:35 AM

KitchenAid Refurb stand mixer sale today @ kitchenaid

I'm new and not sure of the rules regarding external links, especially commercial ones, but apparently KitchenAid has a good deal today that can bring a refurb 5QT stand mixer down to the $130-ish range.

Price varies by color and you have to use code "PGA30" at checkout to see the large discount.

Not affiliated and haven't tried it myself.

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  1. it works. Final pice is $160.99. Thank you for the code!

    1. Yes it works ,thanks. I got a 7 QT professional lift model $100. less than the advertised price.

      1. Found a KA stand mixer at Good Will a few years ago. Can only describe faded yellow as "vintage"... no idea how old it is. Had crank-up bowl, whisk, paddle and dough hook... and ran smoothly when I hauled it to an outlet to test it out. Was totally gonna pass on it at $39.99... already had a much newer, tilt-top model... but it was 50% off, so kinda HADDA buy it?? Cleaned it up (not very dirty to begin with), taped every part off and spray painted it flat black. Later found a second bowl for maybe $5!

        ALMOST went for a THIRD one... larger capacity, all stainless??. Plugged it in for a sec and was ready to haul to counter and buy. Another shopper tapped me on shoulder and said... it stops running after about FIVE seconds?!? I passed but often wonder if a repair might have been something REALLY minor?