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Oct 26, 2012 06:46 AM

Drinks at Signature Lounge... Dinner?

I am going to be meeting some family in Chicago in a few weeks and we want to start with drinks at Signature Lounge... but would prefer not to eat there (we tried it once, and while good, didn't feel it justified the price). So I am trying to find a good place that is near Signature so we can just have a short walk from drinks to dinner, but am not too familiar with what is nearby. Does anyone have suggestions? Preferably something steak/seafood oriented, and nice but not over-the-top expensive (for example, maybe like three $$$ on a site like Yelp).

Any suggestions?


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  1. Within a couple of blocks are Devon Seafood Grill and Rosebud, a steakhouse.
    Both are toward the upper end of your requested price range, but it's pretty hard to find good and moderately priced steak/seafood in that high-rent district.

    1. What about Bandera? Semi-chain but food is very solid. Try and get seats that overlook Michigan Ave

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        Bandera is a notch above the places I mentioned in both food and value, and the tables by the window are great.
        I didn't mention it because it is seven blocks from the Hancock. But they are short blocks, so if the weather is nice . . .

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          In my mind's eye, they are much closer but I just googled map it and they are a 1/2 mile apart. Not a bad walk though and could also jump on the bus.

      2. It seems like this is a pretty popular as I often meet potential clients here when I'm in Chicago on business. Here are some of the places I've been taken I've enjoyed:

        Hugo Frogs - It's a seafood and steak joint and has $$$ on Yelp.
        Carmine's - Italian
        Cafe Spaggia - Perennial favorite on this board and much cheaper than the flagship.

        We walked to all these from the Signature without much effort. If the weather is bad, you can always hail a cab.

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          I second Db's suggestions. Please note that Hugo's is the sister spot to Gibson's Steakhouse. They share a kitchen, so you can have seafood at Gibson's and steaks at Hugo's. It's very Chicago! I also like RL. Depending on your party size, they offer round tables, which makes it easier for talking and celebrating. The leather chairs, presumably designed by Ralph Lauren, are amazingly soft and luxurious. Oh, and the food and martinis are good, too!

          1028 N Rush St

          RL Restaurant
          115 E Chicago Ave

        2. I like the Cafe Spiaggia and RL recs. I'd also consider Bar Toma, Devon Seafood, and Rosebud can be servicable, too.

          1. +1 on the Hugo's rec. Would also suggest Table 52- Upscale southern food in a cute and cozy restaurant