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Oct 26, 2012 06:18 AM

ISO spaghetti regatte

The W. Roxbury Roche Bros. used to carry Barilla spaghetti regatte (spaghetti with ridges running down it) that held on to sauce excellently, but no longer seem to carry it. Has anyone seen this stuff around? It's fantastic for what we call 'plain spaghetti' which is just cooked spaghetti, a splash of the pasta water, a big pad of butter, a ton of parmesan cheese and some simple and so good. The regatte really hangs on to the cheese much better than regular smooth spaghetti.

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  1. Rigati, not regatte. We've had a similar complaint in our household - none of the local supermarkets seem to carry this any more. I agree that it was a great product, and we miss it sorely.

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      thanks for the spelling correction, it will help me if I end up needing to purchase a case of the stuff online.....glad to hear my family's not the only one loving this product!

    2. Russo's has a wonderful selection of all different kinds of dried pasta. They may have it. Everyone I bought and tried has been really excellent.

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        Russo's definitely has some interesting imported pastas, but I don't think they carry Barilla.

      2. Bit of an update, I went to Barilla's website, and they have a product locator utility, and it looks like Stop and Shop carries this style. I am going to check this weekend and will let you know Allstonian

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          Thanks! I've checked several of the S&S locations near me with no luck, but will be interested to hear how you do.

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            Sadly, had to put off a S&S stop, due to disaster preparation (Sandy), will keep an eye out though

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              S&S in Foxborough had plenty, even among the hurricane ravaged shoppers!

              Ummm, it was even on sale.

            2. re: devilham

              The Stop and Shop on Watertown St. on the Watertown/Newton line carries it. However, they've completely rearranged their store in the last three weeks, and a lot of products they normally carry are out of stock right now. I think they reduced stock to make it easier to move. I'd call other Stop and Shops to check.

            3. I too am a fan. I suppose it wouldn't be a bad idea to ask Roche bros and other markets to carry it again. They may not know it's missed.

              1. I believe that I typically also pick it up at Roche, but at the Burlington location, but I haven't looked in a while. You could talk to the Grocery Manager at your location. I have been able to have them special order stuff at the Burlington location.