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Oct 26, 2012 04:52 AM

Best place for dinner near Hershey, PA

Because of Huricane Sandy, we postponed our trip to the Carribean this week and instead are at the Hotel Hershey (beautiful) for a few days. We haven't had great luck with our meals. Can you recommend the best place to grab dinner within 20 miles for myself and our 18 month old? Just looking for delicious food here--cuisine, budget not an issue. Thanks!

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  1. We had a great breakfast at The Hershey Pantry and their dinner menu looked good as well.

    1. What have you had that disappointed?
      Some people like the restaurants in the hotel. I have only done the brunch on the circular dining room and it was average.

      In Hershey I sometimes enjoy Devon Seafood Grille but sometes the fish is a little over done and I haven't had luck with the drinks.

      I went to Fenicci's once and it was average red sauce joint.
      Harrisburg is close by and there are lots of options there. For fine dining Mangia Qui and Bricco are great. If you like tapas Suba is above Mangia Qui. Home 231 is a little more casual than those two but I was not impressed by meal. A local favorite is Neato burrito but personally I like Chipotle better for a quick lunch. There are several Indian restaurants I would recommend, Passage to Indian and Aangan. I like the tandoori better at Aangan.

      Have never been to Houlihans but it is always packed.
      Do not eat at the casino! Over prices for the only halfway decent meal there.

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        Update: went to Houlihan's and while I wouldn't rush back we enjoyed the majority of our meal. We did it tapas style, a flatbread, an app or two and split a sandwich. Nothing was morabke however and the wait is usually over an hour. We went around 9:30 and still waited at least 15 minutes.

      2. Hershey pantry! It is the best!