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Oct 26, 2012 04:22 AM

Weekend in Sherbrooke, QC

Hello, I will be spending next weekend in Sherbrooke and am looking for some decent places to eat - preferably places with a vegetarian option (ethnic is totally cool). We will be staying right in the downtown area, so would like some ideas within walking distance.
Thank you!

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  1. Let's see many of the restaurants downtown have vegetarian options. Aside from pita joints, there isn't much in the way of ethnic downtown. There is a lovely little Thai restaurant tucked in beside the Caffucino on King and Wellington (it's BYOB and there is an SAQ conviently located right past the train tracks toward King Ouest). For fine dining, you've got August, Le Bouchon, and Bistro Kapzak is celebrating its one year anniversary with a gastronomic food and cocktail dinner on Saturday. Of course, there are our fine beers at BoqueBiere, Siboire, or Le Mare au Diable.

    1. Wanted to give a report on where we ended up.
      NOT impressed by selection of places. Entertained by the popularity of 'nachos' in canada.
      Really liked caffucino - we ended up going twice (second time for just dessert & Drinks)
      Friday night: arrived, hotel had no power - no idea why. We went off to dinner. we were reassured that local places had generators. Anyway, Caffucino did have power. I had a veggie pizza. I liked the two colors of olives and hearts of palm on it - different. Only other veggie option was salads (that would have to of been modified). Husband had a burger & salad
      We then went to boquebiere for the evening. Good selection of beers
      Next morning - bfast hard to find - walked down to chez charlie - standard diner types of food - liked the healthier bfast options - had a plain omelet & brown toast. Husband had crepes & canned fruit side.
      Lunch - went to mall area - la vieux duluth (sp?) unimpressed - only veg selection was greek salad (drenched in dressing)
      Dinner: went to siboire - again standard bar food - had a veggie pizza (other option: grilled cheese). this time had eggplant on it. Husband had a hot dog.
      Dessert at caffucino delicious!!

      Had checked menus at the suggested fancy places below - One was out of power - kapzak and others had no veg options.
      slightly disappointed by the weekend : (

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        I don't blame you. Aside from BoqueBiere and Siboire, it sounds like you had a miserable weekend!

        Auguste usually has a good vegetarian main option (admittedly it's usually risotto, but still). Kapzak acommodated me very nicely and I'm a vegan! (Of course, I had been warned to notify the chef ahead of time).