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Oct 26, 2012 01:24 AM

Asian for Saturday lunch

After two weeks in Australia I am looking for a good Asian restaurant to finish my trip tomorrow. On this trip I have really enjoyed Chin Chin in Melbourne and Spice Temple in Sydney. I am staying in the rocks and it would be great if the restaurant was within 20 minutes walking distance from Circular Quay. A good dumpling place could also be an option. Any recommendations with this short notice?

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  1. Mr Wong (3 Bridge St) - get there early as it gets rammed. Have not made it yet but top of my list for dim sum in Sydney, so pleas report back. It very new and getting very good write up's.

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      I came to Mr Wongs by chance. My 3G hasn't been working today so once I left my hotel I was cut off from internet. I headed for China Doll which is a bit off, but I dined there last year and was very happy. They were full however, but recommended Mr Wong and I managed to get there before it filled up. I had a sashimi from hiramasa kingfish (normally they do yellow fin, but they were out of it). Delicate cut and my favourite dish out of the three I had. Secondly I went for the BBQ pork bun which had nice sweet, smoky BBQ aromas, but the by was quite sticky and made the buns attach itself to the paper underneath them. Tasted nice, but became a bit messy and very hard to eat gracefully. I finished with the sweet and sour pork which were rather tender on the inside, but with a crisp surface around It. Well executed and flavours were fine. However not a dish I would order again. Service was alert and friendly. Overall a good experience worth checking out. I would however rank Spice Temple and China Doll higher. Thank you for getting back to me with so short notice. I will also right a short summary for my other thread when I am back in Europe.