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Oct 25, 2012 10:02 PM

What Can I Do with Cubed Sirloin?

I am planning on making beef stroganoff weekend so I called the butcher for meat recommendations. He recommended using sirloin and I told him I needed about a pound and a half. I was planning on buying one piece of meat cutting it into strips just before cooking. When I went to pick it up I discovered he cut it into cubes like stew beef. Most of the recipes call for strips rather than chunks of meat, and after thinking about it I decided the dish would taste better that way as well, so I will go out tomorrow and by a new piece of sirloin.

So now I have approximately a pound and a half of sirloin cubes and I'm not sure what to do with them. Turning them into still seems like kind of a waste, so I'm turning to you guys for some ideas. So, what can I do with this meat?

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  1. How about shish kebobs, beef burgundy, or beef stir-fry.

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      Sirloin is great for kebabs. Marinate in any vinaigrette for a few hours first, spear with onion and peppers, serve in pita with Tahini sauce.

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        I'm not familiar with this. Can you expand on it, please?

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          Pretty much the cubes in a Vietnamese marinade. Sear it on a hot pan cook to desired doneness served over veggies.

          Here's a link to a recipe:

        1. Cubed sirloin is what my family recipe for Cornish pasties calls for. Although a pound and a half's worth would be a whole lot of pasties! (Not that they wouldn't all go, it would just be some work.)

          1. All great suggestions! Thanks, everybody!

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