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Oct 25, 2012 08:19 PM

Is food at The Pikey any good?

I understand it's best known for the bar fare but am curious about the quality of brunch or dinner. Thanks!

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  1. Have not been for brunch, but every item I have eaten for lunch, and the menu is the same for both meals, has been very good.
    Limited dinner entree items, more bar food than dinner entree-focused.
    3 different rooms, very different vibes in each, yet the same menu.
    Can't imagine you cannot find more than 2-3 items of interest.
    fish & chips very good, as an example, and a large portion, btw!

    1. Damn good burger. You wouldn't think it, but it is tasty.

          1. Went there for a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Had very low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Food was great. Loved the fries. More like obsessed. Had three portions -- one as appetizer and two with the burger and the fish and chips. LOL. The burrata was good as well. And our server who's name I did not get was amazing. Highly recommend. And the bar scene was really happening too but I'm too old for it. LOL.