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Oct 25, 2012 08:18 PM

Please disable automatic skipping to next video!

Currently if you watch a Chow Tip video when it's over it automatically skips to the next page… meanwhile if you were reading the comments the page disappears and even using the back button on your browser doesn't return you to the original page.

Why even bother having a comments section on video pages if you can't even keep the page open long enough to read them before it auto-skips to another page and video?

I get that Chow wants to maximize page views but FORCING visitors off the page they want to be on is not the way to do it.

Want to encourage the watching of more videos? Take a page from YouTube and show a number of preview screens at the end of the video, or show a list of "you may also like" thumbnails.

This approach is enough to have me not wanting to bother watching vids here ever.

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    1. While watching the latest "No-rise pizza dough" video I have to admit NuM, I felt the same way. Why rush me on to the next video. Not just reading or adding to the comments as you mentioned but the option of watching the video again immediately to take notes or jot down the quick recipe/tip. Your suggestion for a YTube like thumbnail is terrific.