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Oct 25, 2012 06:09 PM

Blackstrap BBQ – Verdun

This place is getting a lot of hype, and I think it's very much justified. I'm no BBQ expert, far from it, but what I ate there really impressed me. The brisket and chicken were incredible. The ribs and pulled pork were great. Even the macaroni and cheese was good and I never like that stuff.

So I think the place needs its own thread. Discuss away.

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  1. Lord, please let the braised greens be collards...

    Also, I realize it's because of the demand, but wow, sometimes pricing for BBQ up here blows my mind.

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    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

      Would Blackstrap be good for a group of about eight guys? I'm looking for a bachelor party dinner. I've read that you have to get there early to ensure the availability of some of the dishes. More generally, I haven't seen the space so I don't know the set-up. Are there better bbq options for a group, Boucan? Don't want Bofinger or IceHouse...Thanks!

      1. re: foodinspace

        I think it is too small - they have two picnic tables in the front, and then bar seating along the wall at the back. You would need to commandeer one of the picnic tables so would need to get there early - but then again I had an early dinner there the other night and I saw a foursome having trouble finding space (starting at the bar then moving to the picnic table)
        Also, I think they are in the process of getting an alcohol license, but it is not licensed yet, if that is important.

        Icehouse is also very small, I would suggest you might have a similar problem!

        1. re: foodinspace

          For a bachelor party in the smokehouse/bbq vain. I would suggest Fumoir Rubs. The main reason would be the location. Fumoir is right on Prince Aurther vs. heading down to Verdun. I have not tried the food at Blackstrap yet, so I can't comment, however the food and vibe at Fumoir works well for a bachelor party. ;)

      2. i've heard equally rave reviews from my family. their one complaint though is that they run out of food quickly.

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        1. re: catroast

          I was told that they've ordered a second smoker, so the supply problem should be solved soonish.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            They mentioned this on twitter but unless it was a typo they said it should arrive in 3 months! Which is soon, but not that soon! :)

          2. re: catroast

            Isn't running out of meat quickly a staples of the best BBQ joint down south

            1. re: westaust

              sure but that's because they feed 300 people in 2 hours, not because their commercial smoker is too small.

          3. Thanks for making a thread SnackHappy, Blackstrap definitely deserves its own (although I don't know if I want to make it more popular than it already is!)

            I have tried
            brisket sandwich - good, but a little dry, I needed to add sauce
            brisket by itself - excellent, though the brisket is a little lean, they use the burnt ends, which are a bit fattier, for their burnt ends poutine, but I would actually prefer a little bit of those to be included, to keep it juicy!
            chicken - fantastic, really, really delicious
            pork - delicious also, with a nice amount of fat to keep it juicy (it is not your usual thin strips of pulled pork, it is nice big chunks!)
            coleslaw - nice and vinegary, though sometimes the pieces of cabbage are too large I find (a minor complaint!)
            beans - also very good, though I found they were almost too flavourful and really competed with the meat. I would like to have them by themselves, with eggs and toast, for breakfast!
            and my two favourites
            ribs - hands down the best in Montreal. No need for sauce, the rub and the smoke is perfect.
            mac and cheese balls - out of this world amazing, I don't really like mac and cheese normally but these are wonderful! I have been craving these even more than the ribs!

            A note on pricing - the mac and cheese balls are $3.99 as a side, but they can be included as the side you choose when ordering a sandwich or a plate, which make them the best deal for the sides (3 to a serve)

            Also, I found it strange that they don't have family sized servings of their sides - the sides available are the same size that you would get with the plate or sandwich, yet you are able to order full racks and ribs and whole chickens. It would make sense to me to have some bigger servings of the coleslaw, beans and braised greens available, so you could more easily put together a take away meal.

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            1. re: unlaced

              About the dry brisket, I think it's a matter of which end of the cut you're getting. We were lucky enough to get some nice fatty pieces along with some leaner ones. Perhaps its, possible to ask for fattier brisket.

            2. After eating there a few nights ago, I have to say it was good but by far not the best bbq I''ve ever had, including just in Montreal. Now, maybe I'm biased because I've tasted the bbq fruit of the gods in places like Kansas, Carolina, plus I do my own smoking chez moi. But all that aside, my biggest problem with blackstrap is that I didn't taste very much if any smoke in their meats. Isn't that one of the biggest parts of bbq--the smoke?! I've heard rubs is better.

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                1. re: Gloriaa

                  "Rubs is long gone...."

                  Well, that didn't take long. When did it happen? They just opened this summer.

                  EDIT: Hmmmm... As of four hours ago, they were still open.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    And Rubs was still advertising(as in the past 24-48 hours) on TSN 690 radio. What happened if they did close?

                  2. re: Gloriaa

                    Rubs is open until 11pm tonight. Definitely not closed.

                  3. re: remdog99

                    Where is better slow cooked BBQ in Montreal? In my limited sampling of different Montreal BBQ places, nothing really impressed me(I haven't tried Blackstrap yet). What caught my eye with Blackstrap BBQ & different from other Montreal BBQ places, is that they focus on their dry rub not relying on the sauce for cover up. The sauce should supplement the taste of their smoked meats. The meat dry rub should stand on its own.

                    1. re: BLM

                      I think the reality is that although low & slow BBQ has gotten better in this city over the years, it is still nowhere near what it could be. And with the city cracking down more & more on wood burning, the future is not looking bright for BBQ in this town.

                    2. re: remdog99

                      I find that most of the smoke flavour at other BBQ joints come from the smoky flavoured BBQ sauce that they use. So what I appreciated about Blackstrap was that with no sauce at all, the meat was has a delicious smoke flavour (that didn't overpower the flavour of the meat itself)

                    3. I had the brisket poutine and it was crazy good! Really, I wasn't expecting it to be soo good, so delicious with the cheese melting just like you want it. Finding the pieces of brisket is like a big reward. I also had the ribs and they were great. A little to salty for me. Texture wise, I really felt the rub and it was very interesting. I took the fried mac&cheese and it was very average. If you order a meal with a side, try something else. For the sauces available on the counter, they were ok (to be fair, I never add sauce to my meals when I eat out). The spicey one was to liquid. The sweet&sour was interesting. Worth to go in Verdun for good BBQ food.