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Oct 25, 2012 05:40 PM

Gluten Free Roll Recipe Needed

My vegetarian daughter is coming for Thanksgiving. She has a pretty big sensitivity to gluten-and since she stopped eating it- the GI troubles plaguing her for months simply went away. I want to honor that discovery. However, I have a variety of dietary issues from my guests to contend with that day. I am not well versed in gluten free baking. She is not either -as she just discovered this problem.

Does anyone have a good recipe for dinner rolls? I don't have time to go trying out different ones that "might" be good. As I am not gluten free and have no experience baking gluten free, I can't tell by looking at a recipe that it actually tastes good ...or like a cardboard box.

Tried and true recipes would be appreciated!

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  1. I'm trying GF brioche from Bouchon Bakery this weekend. I will followup with results.

    1. I 100% recommend the GF broiche from the Bouchon Bakery Cookbook. It is hands down the best GF bread product I have eaten. There are a few caveats. First, it uses Cup4Cup flour blend that is only available from Gilt and Williams Sonoma. Second, it stuck to the pan, leaving behind some of the golden, crispy bits that are so often lacking in GF bread products. I did not use a non-stick spray, using olive oil instead. Apparently I did not do so adequately. So, lots of fat in your pan. Third, it is a batter more than a dough, so you lose that lovely bit of shaping the dough. Lastly, I monkeyed with the recipe before trying it as written, using olive oil in lieu of butter (adjusting both the fat and water), and adding finely chopped rosemary and lemon zest. Would absolutely serve these to all guests -- no shame and humiliation in serving an inferior product (if I can get them cleanly out of the pan). I can't find a link to the recipe. I imagine with the butter it would be absolutely heavenly.

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        Thanks so much. I found a mock cup4cup flour mix. I will do a few experiments with that. I don't have that particular cookbook for the brioche recipe, but have you tried cup4cup with other recipes?

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          I have used it successfully in two kinds of muffins and pancakes. It is the best tasting GF blend I have tried, including mixing my own. It has a more delicate texture than regular AP, so it doesnt work as well for heartier applications. It lacks the off flavors and grittiness of many GF blends. It does have dried milk powder in it, so it is not appropriate for those who have issues with dairy.

      2. As I have celiac disease, I make rolls, breads, and so on. I am especially fond of those you can form rather than spread into a pan. There is a new GF book out that has some brilliant recipes including rolls you can form.