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Oct 25, 2012 04:30 PM

Where to eat in St-Henri/Griffintown/ Verdun for lunch

I am going for lunch tomorrow with a friend and I am wondering where to go. I went to Joe Beef, Limon, café Griffintown and the burgundy lion. I was hoping to find a place to eat near the atwater market or in Verdun. Anything in St-Henri is good too as there is a bakery I want to go to (Sweet lee's bakery) on Beaudoin St. Should I go to Mas? Geppeto pizzeria? Blackstrap BBQ? Tuck shop? Satay Bros? Any thoughts/ recommandations will be more than welcome.

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  1. Satay Brothers is closed for the season, I believe.

    Restaurant Su in Verdun has amazing Turkish food and looks like they're open for lunch on Fridays. Might want to call first to confirm:

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      Thanks! Going there in 2 weeks for Montréal à table 2012.

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        Nice! This post just reminded me to make a reservation at Su for an upcoming special occasion, too, so thanks. ;-)

        Two of my other Verdun faves are Lotus Bleu and Cuisine Xiang, but they're extremely casual/mom-and-pop joints and not everyone's cup of tea. I love them, though. :-)

    2. If you haven't been to Blackstrap BBQ yet, go!! I have already been four times..... and going for lunch is great since you don't need to be worried that they have sold out of the meat that you wanted!

      PS Get the mac cheese balls

      1. The sandwiches at Campanelli (4634 Notre-Dame close to Tuck Shop) are really good, and it's an informal place for lunch and coffee after!

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          If you're in a pizza mood, Geppetto is a good option. I'm sure there is better in the city but I've enjoyed the pies I've had there (though it's been a while). If you'd like to try some of the best poutine in the city in a great diner setting, you can cross the canal from Atwater Market and eat at Paul Patates on Charlevoix at de Coleraine.

        2. And while in St. Henri you can get donuts at Leche, 642 de Courcelle #100.