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Oct 25, 2012 04:10 PM

SoCal gal moving to Cherry Hill needs a little help from her C.H friends

Yep, I need my amigos/amigas to weigh in on butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (and fish mongers,produce)...Who's the best? I've been told a drive to to a German butcher in Tom's River is a requirement, so I am prepared to hit the highway. Thanks!

Oh... and any restaurant recommendations would be awsome.

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  1. Just to clarify, The German Butcher is in Forked River on Lacey Road, not Toms River. And welcome to the East Coast!

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    1. re: ChazE215

      My mistake, I didn't mean German Butcher per se, just that there was a German deli in Toms River that was recommended. BTW,thanks for the welcome!

      1. re: gordita

        There is a place called The German Butcher and it has some great, meats, prepared foods etc... If you are ever in the Forked River area, its definitely a place to check out.

    2. For fish, I would say H-Mart (Korean Supermarket) Rt 70 Cherry Hill (good for produces as well) There is also a Trader Joes and a Whole Foods on RT 73. I live very close to the German Butcher in Forked River and have no idea why someone would especially recommend that over any other place. WF does just as well.
      For Vietmanese there is Pho Eden on Greentree Rd (a turn off of Rt70) and a great Indian Snack food place next door. CH is ~so~ close to Philadelphia, also look to that board for recommendations.

      Still wondering why the recommendation for the German Butcher. If it is for sausages, well, many very good Polish butchers in Trenton.

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      1. re: Quine

        Frankly if you are looking for sausages, you might as well drive across the bridge to the Philadelphia neighborhood Port Richmond where there are outstanding polish sausage makers. Czrews and Swiakis have been making all sorts of kielbasa for generations and are oustanding. And its closer than going all the way to Trenton.

        1. re: Quine

          I'm happy to hear there is a Korean Market, that's great! Any mercados?

          1. re: gordita

            Hum, Not familiar with any in that area, my Mexican supplies and food needs are supplied locally. A friend owns a market and adjoining Mexican restaurant. :-)

            Google the H Mart (it's a chain) location for Cherry Hill, it's a rather odd placement.

          2. re: Quine

            The recommendation the OP most likely received was to go to D.A. Barsch, which was definitely a destination (and many of us simply referred to it as "The German Butcher"). Sadly, they have closed. It was a great place.

          3. Close by is the Collingswood Farmers Market ( Collingswood itself is a little gem. I can get you info on at least one CSA if you're interested.

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            1. re: ina_nutshell

              Oh good, I was hoping for a farmers market close by. We went to one in Haddonfield and I was kind of surprised it was so small....? Is that typical?

              1. re: gordita

                Haddonfield has a tiny farm market but the oe in CW is nice and big. One thing Haddonfield des have is the best Japanese restaurant in the area - Fuji!

              2. I forgot to say "Welcome!" We used to live in SoCal, and moved here 10 years ago. Things have improved much since then, but you'll be hard pressed to find good Mexican food here. Esperanza in Gibbsboro is good and we used to go to South Philly. Taqueria La Veracruzana was our favorite but we haven't been in a year or more.

                While we're on the subject, I'd like any recommendations for fresh tamales. Back in the day we went to Juanitos in ELA. :(

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                1. re: ina_nutshell

                  I think i'll be making tamales at home this Christmas...but really, would be fun to organize a group. Not fun doing all alone! Do taco trucks exist?

                  1. re: gordita

                    I don't know of taco trucks in SNJ. Truck vendors in Philly is its own thing, but I haven' t heard of a taco truck, much less of the sort you'd find in SoCal. Things are very different here (as they are all over the country).

                    Sounds like there aren't tamales around. I found a place in Lindenwold that's... well, it serves tamales.

                    There's stuff here, but see my reply to Quine below re:Kansas.

                    I'd be interested in a tamale thing... I've always wanted to try but I know it's so much work. I have two girls 7 & 9 y.o., which is a plus/minus. Keep me posted, although we travel during the holidays.

                    1. re: ina_nutshell

                      I have a 9 year old...we could have a assembly line!

                2. Off subject, but is their anyone delievering alkaline water in the Cherry Hill area?