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Oct 25, 2012 03:35 PM

Hair-of-the dog brunch recipes?

I'm wondering if anyone has any great hair-of-the dog recipes? We're thinking of eventually making a CHOW tip video with ideas from Chowhound, and we've already come across a great example: bourbon maple syrup for French toast, as suggested here:

Any other favorite recipes with alcohol that people make for brunches? I'm more interested in creative food preparations (not just the obvious breakfast beverages


I'm thinking there might be some good ideas for boozy fruit compotes or salads?

Dave MP

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  1. Honey dew melon cresents topped with gin and chiffonade of mint
    bananas foster topping for french toast or nutella crepes
    cold strawberry champagne soup
    bourbon maple bacon
    bloody mary gazpacho with slim jim "croutons"
    grapefruit supremes marinated in sambuca and sprinkled with turbinado sugar

    1. I thought by the title you meant recipes for curing a hangover....guess that's not exactly right?

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          Doesn't hair of the dog mean using alcohol to cure a hangover?

            1. re: ipsedixit

              So I think the title makes sense!

              1. re: aching

                Not only does it sense, but it is apropo.

        2. Ever make egg benedict by poaching the eggs in vodka?
          Bring the traditional water/vinegar/salt bath to a gentle boil (not a strong rolling boil) and then add your quarter cup of vodka. Gently add in your eggs. Infuses but not too strong.

          1. Scotch Whiskey Muffins
            Harvey Wallbanger Cake
            Ale Bread

            1. Years ago a poster named Candy posted about a country ham, butter and bourbon concoction that she made. I think you spread it on toast(?) Biscuits(?) I can't remember. I never tried it but it sounded awesome. I wonder if she is still around here to chime in..

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