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Oct 25, 2012 02:44 PM

Pinthouse Pizza

Noticed they're open now on Burnet Road near 45th Street. Great news for Burnet Road continued dining upgrades. Any reports yet??

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  1. I'll see if I can talk our group into going today. If not, hubs and I will try it out this weekend.

    1. Went for an early dinner. If the parking lot is full, just move on. Tables are done like a beer garten. You order individually from the beer/food stations. Ordered their version of supreme and some of their microbrews. Brews were very hopsey, but have potential.

      Let me just say this place is very, very loud and the process for food delivery isn't working. You order your pizza and they take your name. They then announce the pizza is ready over a loud speaker that isn't as loud as the crush of the crowd. Twice I went up and asked (said we could hear "something"). I don't know if they had called us before, but by the time I heard us, our pizza was cold and so soggy in the middle, the middle part of the pizza was inedible. The pizza that was good was tasty and the crust was flavorful and chewy. It does have potential, but the volume is absolutely an issue. To give you an idea, there was a baby at the table next to us in full-out meltdown and I couldn't hear it crying.

      Also, they tried to bill us twice for the pizza, so the process still has kinks (the table next to us had the same problem). To their credit, the manager gave us a token for a free small pizza on our next visit. I think we'll give them a month or two to iron out the kinks.

      1. Went for lunch this week. The place was maybe a third full.
        I can see how it would be noisy if really crowded. The pizzas - the Armadillo and Margherita - were tasty enough although both a bit dry. Tasted the Bearded Seal Irish Stout and the Fallen Cask IPA. Both delicious but I thought rather expensive. Overall a good spot and a welcome addition to the hood - although the pizza still needs refining.