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Oct 25, 2012 01:41 PM

Good, fun, cheap lunch near Bal'more Conv Ctr

All -

I'm meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow in Bal'more and wold like suggestions of good, cheap, tasty, and fun places to consider for lunch. The main requirement is that it be w/in reasonable - 3 -4 blocks - walking distance from the Conv Ctr. We're both game for any time of food and the more localer the better.

My thanks!


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  1. There are some decent food trucks on the east side of Charles Street. Charles is a couple of blocks east of the Conv Ctr. Walk east on Lombard to Charles, turn left, maybe 3 blocks up.

      1. re: youami

        Those are both excellent suggestions - 1000 Kabobs being a little closer to Conv Ctr thanTrinacria.