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Oct 25, 2012 01:34 PM

where to buy pork organ meats around Brookline/Boston?

Hi, I am looking for hard to find meat. I am interested in buying pork (pig) organs, like, urr, everything? Actually, animal organs are commonly used in cuisine of other cultures but it's really hard to buy in Boston. I guess I will be looking for, blood, bones, brain, tongue, snout (?), heart, liver, lung, kidney, stomach, diaphragm (thoracic ), all different parts of intestine, colon, and everything I can't think of at the moment. I already know several places at Chinatown selling those but I am looking for somewhere not at Chinatown and close to Brookline, if possible. I know H-mart in Burlington and Kan-man in Quincy have them, too, but they are too far. I am not doing retail business just for a single household. Thanks.

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  1. M. F. Dulock in Somerville buys whole animals and regularly has lots of miscellaneous pig organs and other parts in the display case. They are not cheap, if that matters.

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      I've been to M F Dulock once and was so impressed. yes, expensive, but realistic for what it costs to raise animals humanely. If you called ahead, I'd bet they would save all t he organs for you. The pork shoulder we got there was just amazingly great. I can't afford it often. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Not much on the web site so you have to call.

    2. Just called M. F. Dulock. They only sell pork heart, kidney, and liver. Lung is not ok in US. That's it. If anyone knows anywhere that sells more different types of pork organs, please do share. Thanks.

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        Ming's Chinese Supermarket downtown.

      2. if burlington is too far, than lowell is also. i see all sorts of off-cuts at battambang, many on your list.

        i'm not sure why chinatown is not good for your shopping, since it's close, has what you are seeking and on the t?