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Oct 25, 2012 12:36 PM

Thanksgiving in Oaxaca

Where can a small group go for Thanksgiving dinner in Oaxaca

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  1. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Mexico. You will find all restaurants open for business as usual on the fourth Thursday in November. It's unlikely that you will find a 'Thanksgiving dinner', but you will definitely find dinner on Thanksgiving.


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    1. re: cristina

      Cristina, are there not enough ex-pats and American vacationers in Oaxaca that some restaurant won't feature a dinner with pavo? In Playa del Carmen 3 or 4 usually do, but I know that is a much larger city. It would be difficult to learn beforehand, admittedly.

    2. There have been restaurants that make Thanksgiving dinner meant for Americans living or vacationing in Oaxaca. The dinners are typically by reservation, with seating at a specific time. I remember that the restaurant La Catrina on Alcalá had Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise check with the Oaxaca Lending Library to see if they have a special event dinner for Thanksgiving this year.

      1. Cristina

        How many are in your party? My wife and I live here, and we have we get together we a few friends to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

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          Although I am not Christina, there are seven of us in the party. Four of us live in Ajijic and the other three in Vancouver, Wa by Portland Ore.

        2. for a great thanksgivinng meal - contact the Oaxaxa Lending Library - the english speaking library and center for many expats - they are planning one.
          It;s not on the web site yet but I know it has been planned.