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Jun 15, 2005 04:28 PM

Kobasica from Corralitos

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My cousins in Watsonville gifted my dad with a sampler from the smokehouse in Corralitos. We tried a couple of the sausages for lunch today, panfried in a skillet. I didn't care for the Bavarian with cheese --- too tangy, and my mother thought it was too much like Spam. I really liked the Kobasica --- coarse grained, balanced smoking and saltiness, peppery finish.

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  1. This is our favorite from Corralitos Market as well, Melanie. We've tried all the others over the years---but this is the locals winner--a staple in our freezer at all times! I

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      I'm back down here again. We had the smoked turkey breast for lunch. Nice flavor, rather mild, but not as moist as the smoked bird we had from Willie Bird in Santa Rosa.