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Oct 25, 2012 11:59 AM

Returning to Key West after 40 years

Back then, we ate green turtle steaks and conk chower; of course it was good. Had a bar with a parrot walking up and down and around the drinks. Anyway, we're returning next month for a week and was hoping to get some info on where and what to eat, drink, etc.... Thanks in advance.

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  1. The parrot may still be alive, but the days of turtle steaks and conch which I remember fondly, are history. Do a search here for current leads.

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      Unfortunately Nola, KW is quite different from the 70's - actually very different from the early 80's when I first started my summer long trips there. Some of the old salts still haunt the old places, and the parrot still roams the bar (different bird tho). Positive sign is the growing food scene in Bahama Village - less touristy than old town with great food. Please let us know your findings

    2. Veggo is right, no turtle steaks, you can get conch but it's just not from Key West. I believe they no longer allow fishing of conch in the area.

      Key West Pink Shrimp and other local seafood and fish is available.

      Black Fin Bistro
      Seven Fish

      Were restaurants we loved

      Also be sure to check out Garbo's Grill - Great fish, shrimp tacos and burritos

      1. Yeah....its changed more than you would believe....I still like it down there, but it has become so touristy (and therefore) expensive since even the 80's. I, personally think it is rather difficult to find decent eats down there (especially for the prices). Garbo's has some good eats (it is a food cart), El Siboney and Havana 1 for sit down Cuban food. I always pick up sandwiches at Sandy's or Cuban Coffee Queen. Bad Boy Burrito has some decent eats.....Kojin Noodle Bar is about the only place to get a decent asian fix. They're very expensive compared to places I eat where I live, and the dishes aren't necessarily authentic but the quality is decent and there really is no other good asian restaurants. Avoid the three Thai places on the island.

        1. i went to school in miami about 40 years ago, we would all go to key west and hole up in one motel room. went back last year and ate at satiago's bodega. very good food and a great evening. if it is nice try to eat outside. enjoy.

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            I checked out the menu and this looks awesome. Thanks for the update.