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Oct 25, 2012 11:44 AM

Meat and 3 - Nashville


Traveling to Nashville in a few weeks and had a question. I see this meat and 3 meal is popular in Nashville. I am a vegetarian--can I get all veggies instead of meat? I think Arnold's seems to be the most popular recommendation.

We are staying at Opryland--any meat and 3's out there?

Thank you!


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  1. Arnold's and Loveless both offer a vegetable plate. I didn't notice at Monell's but I imagine they do as well. You have a little work ahead of you if you're a strict vegetarian because many of the vegetables, especially the greens, are cooked with meat.

    1. Monell's is essentially a set menu (if you will) that they serve family style, meaning big plates/bowls of a few select meats and vegetables that everyone shares. You can pretty much gear your meal at Monell's to whatever you want, and if that's just the veggies, there'll be plenty of those.

      I'm not really familiar with the Opryland area dining options. I think there's a meat and three-type place in the hotel, but I can't say for certain how good it is or what the veggie options are like. Your best options will be closer in the city. Since I'm not typically looking for veggie-only plates, I can't speak with certainty on this, but I believe most meat and threes do offer 4 (or fewer) veggie plates. Arnold's is, of course, a great option, but it is only open at lunch time on weekdays. At The Table, which is close by Arnold's, is a very good option and has slightly expanded hours. Loveless is touristy, but not bad, it's just a long ways away from where you're staying (much farther than the others). Monell's has relatively long hours, so isn't a bad option, and it's a fun place in a beautiful historic neighborhood, just not the typical meat and three. There are others, but due to living close by Arnold's and At The Table, I rarely make it past those.

      Also, as Samalicious said, you'll need to be careful with hidden meat in the veggies (for instance, greens will most certainly be cooked with pork). If you're not vegan, something like mac and cheese (this counts as a vegetable) or slaw will be safe, as will a few other things, but you may need to ask. Also, if you do eat fish, as I know some vegetarians still will, then this is always an option, and At The Table makes great fried-to-order fish.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I do eat fish.

        Is the Monell's location in a historic neighborhood the one in Germantown?



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          Yes, it is the one in Germantown. I should also note though that because if the sheer amount of food served there, it is more expensive than other neat and threes. It's been awhile since I ate there, so I can't say with certainty what the current cost is, but it'll be in the mid to high teens (maybe ~$17 per person). This is about two or three times what you'll lay at other meat and threes.

          Since you eat fish, your options are a bit more open. Fish is commonly offered as an option, often fried.

          Also, if you're looking for other dining options besides meat and threes (which are still a very worthy thing to seek out), we have a local food blogger, Lesley Eats, who's vegetarian. Her blog is one that skews more heavily on recipes, but she will write about restaurants from time to time.