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Oct 25, 2012 11:19 AM

Grand opening: Eggs 'n Things, Ala Moana

It's been a long time since i was at E&T, not once to their current location on Saratoga. Does anyone else remember way back when to the little place on Ena Road, where you had to step down two steps? Not sure the food has ever been as it was back then, but that could just be a memory defect.

Anyhow the new location is 451 Piikoi, that strip mall at the ewa (west) end of Ala Moana center. Guess I'll have to give it a try.

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  1. Yes, I remember Ena Rd. I'm not sure if I'm all the way in town that the new location would by part of my destination. I spent a good time of driving over the hill in the past 2 weeks eating at Nico's, Roy's Waikiki, and the Whole Ox. Well worth the drive!

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      i think i'd weigh less if i lived on the windward side. LOL, probably not.

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        Well go and let us know! I bet there will be big lines of tourists. I'm amazed at the lines for Boots & Kimo's in Kailua. I'm glad Lanikai Juice is here, I love their acai bowls and the drink made with beets, have it if you ever go.

    2. ena road eggs was the place to be when the wave was there.

      i was at the saratoga location last week or so and it was closed for renovation but there were coupons at the place next door (looks like they just sell eggs n things related merchandise) where you could get a free apron from the ala moana location.

      so i ended up at the new store (where i <3 country cafe used to be) and scored the apron. ordered an overpriced loco moco for about ten bucks. they put the grill flavor on heavy and i thought it detracted from the dish.

      reviewing the menu, i think everything is overpriced. there was an article in the paper about them today, check it out. oct 31 today section