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Oct 25, 2012 10:44 AM

Inexpensive Wedding for 40

Hi! My fiancee and I will be having a small wedding this summer. We'll be having approximately 30-40 guests. We would prefer a private party room but would also go somewhere for a semi-private event if that turns out to be less expensive.

We have a very tight budget - were hoping to spend about $50/person including tax and tip, although we'll consider going a little bit higher for the right place. We were initially envisioning a dinner but may consider a lunch party instead if that cuts down the costs.

Anywhere in Manhattan is fine, and we'd consider Brooklyn or Queens. We're vegetarian so we want a place that's vegetarian-friendly, but we don't need all vegetarian food.

Any suggestions? Thank you!

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  1. Frankies on Court St. has a back yard with a room for a wedding ceremony. I'm sure you can work a good deal there and it will be private and the food is good. ( i know this is the Manhattan Board but that's my best choice with such a budget. Buddakan might work if you get the library , i think that room holds about 40 people, so you would have the whole room.

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      Have you thought about looking into possibly booking one of your local tea houses for either a brunch or full English tea service?