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Fried Chicken Brooklyn

So there is Buttermilk Channel, Peaches Hot House, Mitchell's, Brooklyn Bowl, Pie N Thighs, and Abistro.. Am I missing anything here.. I have been to all of these places with the exception of Buttermilk and yet, I am still searching.. Anyone have a place better than these?

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  1. Head to Sidecar in Park Slope. I haven't been to all the places you mentioned, but I prefer Sidecar's fried chicken over Buttermilk, Peaches and Pie N Thigh.

    1. Hate to be the one to tell you this, but we really like the fried chicken at Henry's End.

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        I believe that is very good. I liked the food at Henry's End, just not their sauces. And definitely my favorite room in Brooklyn for sure.,

      2. Add Seersucker to the List

        1. Commodore, Egg and Brooklyn Star, all in Williamsburg. Only available on some night at Brooklyn Star.

          1. Popeyes. Get spicy. Not kidding.

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              Yeh, I know about some Popeyes.. I love popeyes. I was looking a better option than eating off the hood of my car on Fulton. .i know there are other locations.. I want Popeyes style just with a better bird..

              I went to Buff Patty last night on Myrtle Ave. I can walk there. It's a decent Jamaican Spot where I have only gone to eat Ackee and Salt Cod.. They actually have a really nice version for breakfast. It is also much more calm than what is going on during the dinner rush.

              I got a seafood soup which was actually wonderful.. The thickness of a chowder. Had a very strong clam flavor. It was thick but, I believe it id not have dairy.

              The fried chicken was good, however it was cold. So, the flavor was there but, it held the grease in the skin but,. still remained crunchy.Fresh out of the fryer, it would have been awesome.. My only problem is this is not the quality of chicken I would prefer.

              I think I am going to head to Brooklyn Star next week.

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                Popeyes has no ambiance. But there's one not to far from my apt so when ever I get the craving for FC, I go there and take it home. Once got a bunch for a party and put it on platters so it looked nice. People who had not tried it were really surprised by the quality. Let me know what you find on your search. There was a recent thread on the Manhattan board that hashed out the challenge of finding good FC in that boro.

            2. I understand that Blue Ribbon has great fried chicken. For $25.00, it had better be!

                1. You might search on "Soul Food" for ideas. There are a bunch of places like Mitchells.

                  1. The Fried Chicken at Jake's on Columbia St. is excellent.

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                      Imagine the sound of my jaw dropping :-) I know Jakes since it opened (well, actually since before then, when the owner was Su Su's Yum Yum on Henry St, but that's another story from long ago and far away). I haven't eaten their food for a couple of years now and I know your posts have been reliable so maybe the place has improved... but I am very skeptical. They had always been the type of place for a desperation order of chicken or ribs.... the place where you know you're going to get low quality product, usually greasy, with extra salt and/or sugar to add some taste. As I said, you're one of those that I read around here so maybe something's different these days over at Jakes. But, meanwhile, I'm adding my historical caution to anyone considering going there. Let's get Daniel76 to go and see what he thinks.... after all, he started this thread (and he's a friend of mine).

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                        They came in first in a Brooklyn Fried Chicken cook off. And by the way, the original Su Su's on Henry St. was awesome.

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                          Yeah, but not necessarily for the food.

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                          I have to concur with Steve R. I have only had extremely mediocre food at Jake's in the past. Maybe if has changed. If so, they clearly have a large amount of history to overcome.

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                            I will have to give a shot, i am not running there but, it's on my long list!

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                              Daniel, I'm begging you. Avoid Jake's at all costs. It's awful.

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                                LOL Bob, that's pretty strong. I only recommended the fried chicken , nothing else. However, perhaps I was really hungry that day , It tasted great. I will go back to Jake's and try it again. I will re-evaluate based on the strong negatives and report back.

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                                  Jake's is the worst take-out meal I have ever had. Incredibly, I ordered from there TWICE (pure, desperate idiocy on my part); the second time might have actually been worse than the first.

                                  That place is PHENOMENALLY bad. Otherworldly-bad.

                                  The only thing I would recommend it for is if you were in the neighborhood and had to take a piss really, really badly, it might be good for that. And even then I wouldn't be sure.

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                                    "That place is PHENOMENALLY bad. Otherworldly-bad."

                                    That about sums it up.

                                    Years ago a friend and I had drinks at the bar on the ground floor of Alma. After a couple of hours we got hungry. It was a cold February night and we didn't want to go far. I remembered that Jake's was just down the street. I had read bad things about the place here but I was foolishly optimistic.

                                    I thought - "How bad can it be?" Fool.

                                    We walked over to Jake's. It was around 9:00PM on a Friday night; the place was empty. Cold too. It was probably 65 degrees in there. We kept our coats on and sat at the table closest to the open kitchen area to try to keep warm.

                                    After placing our order we waited a good 30 to 40 minutes for our food.
                                    Either they were doing terrific take out business or their kitchen was slow as hell. Finally the food came out. It was cold. Almost as cold as if it had come out of a refrigerator.

                                    I forget whether we had ordered ribs or brisket but whatever we ordered was dry and remarkably tasteless. Ever try eating cold french fries? No matter how many beers you drink beforehand you still can't choke them down. We ate about 3 bites of everything. The first bite because we didn't know any better, the second because we were amazed that the first bite had been so awful, and the last one to answer a scientific question.

                                    "Is this the worst BBQ you've ever eaten?" We took the 3rd bite. "Yes, it is. By a long shot."

                                    The food was so bad it was actually funny. My friend and I were laughing a bit as we walked out. We knew that for the rest of our lives whenever the subject of bad meals came up we were going to talk about our dinner at Jake's.

                                2. re: Daniel76

                                  If you do happen to be in the area, you can check out the newly opened Brooklyn Southern on Union St., right around the corner from Jake's. I plan to check it out soon. So far, the best fried chicken in Brookyn that I have had is Pies & Thighs and Brooklyn Bowl (Blue Ribbon).

                            2. had some at Pork Slope and it was quite good. A little salty for me, but excellent crust. I'd definitely get it again.

                              1. maybe not exactly what you are looking for, but the fried chicken sandwich at van horn's is awesome.

                                1. The Korean-style version at Talde is my absolute favorite.