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Filet-O-Fish with Ketchup? Yea or Nay?

I'm a bit ambivalent about adding ketchup to my Filet-O-Fish.

There are times, indeed bites even, when I crave the addition of ketchup.

Then there are those times when I think it detracts from the very quiddity of the Filet-O-Fish (and in many ways masks and overpowers the sweet-tanginess of the tartar sauce).

Help me out here fellow 'Hounds and FoF Devotees. Where do you fall on the ketchup line?

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  1. Definitely not. I've pretty much foresworn the condiment in all forms aside from a very occasional application of Melinda's habanero ketchup on fries.

    Personally with a F-o-F I stick to straight fries aside from the first glorious couple that I use to spread the tartar sauce that tends to be glopped in one spot on the sandwich, around the filet. Those are the greatest fries of all.

    1. No Ketchup.
      For me the selling point of the Filet O Fish, is the tartar sauce. Ketchup would distract.

      1. No ketchup or other condiments on my FoF other than the requisite tartar sauce.

        It's a little strange considering that when I go to a local bar/restaurant and get my fried fish sandwich, American cheese, tartar, I will douse it with hot sauce and then often dip it in ketchup. In this case the ketchup is just for the fried fish sandwich. Malt vinegar goes on my side of fries.

        1. Ew, I just threw up a little in the back of my throat reading the topic.

          1. For gad sakes no.

            I even foreswear tartar sauce. Just salt and a pinch of fresh ground pepper.

            1. Ipse, are you shamelessly pimping for John Kerry's second wife, to expand the market for Heinz?

              1. Long ago when I used to eat fast food, my favorite McD's sandwich was the money half of a Filet-o-Fish smooshed together with the money half of a Quarterpounder. I've subsequently dipped a fried flounder sandwich that had tartar on it in my french fry ketchup "pool". Thus, I think, I am good with a bit of ketchup on my F-o-F.

                1. Never ketchup. The idea kinda makes me gag.

                  1. Ugh - no ketchup here. On a "Filet-O-Fish" or ANY fish sandwich. Tartar sauce or mayo at the bare minimum. But with everything food - personal preference prevails.

                    1. Why not, go for it!

                      1. I've had salsa on broiled fish, but I can't imagine ketchup with any fish, never mind FOF.

                        Just the thought of it wants to make me gag.

                        1. I made up my mind in Elemetary School, long before I'd heard of a filet-o-fish. Friday was fish stick day and they came with disgusting ketchup. Even at a young age I was mentally advanced enough to do a special order with no ketchup. What's the name of the show, "Are you smarter than a fifth, or is it third grader?"

                          1. Have you lost your mind?

                            Adding ketchup is absolutely sacrilegious. The delicate balance of nuanced flavors would be disrupted.

                            You ask for extra ketchup for the fries, if you are fortunate and God has shined his eyes on you that day...and the kid pumped out an extra big glob of tartar on the fish...it will seep out when you eat it. Make sure the seeped out sauce hits the Styrofoam container where you have squished out the extra ketchup. You may then, scoop up tartar and ketchup with the fries...but only with the fries. Keep it away from the fish.

                            Ketchup and the FoF MUST be kept apart ;)

                            1. Until recently I thought the combination of ketchup with anything from the sea was a bad idea. There is a version of seafood coctail in Central America with various types of shellfish and fin fish, wallowing in ketchup and served in a thick glass dish, which I have observed with disgust from a safe distance, for, I dunno, 30 years. I had one last month and liked it.

                              1. Not to be repetitious but I agree with the "Nays". I do not like ketchup (American) at all. Maybe katsup in its original version would be good.

                                1. So much ketchup hate here. :-(

                                  I'd prefer not to have ketchup on my F-o-F but sure, go for it if you like. I certainly wouldn't mind ketchup with the fries, of course. :-)

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                                    Actually, I don't hate ketchup at all. Love it on hot dogs, burgers, fries, etc. But except as a base for "cocktail sauce" for shrimp or clams on the half shell, I just don't care for it on fish.

                                  2. Definate NO, I always order with extra tartar sauce.

                                    1. No. Only tartar sauce, ketchup for fries. Although I use ketchup as the base for cocktail sauce for shrimp cocktail. But fried shrimp requires tartar. I think it is the breading, if the fish is breaded, tartar. If not, cocktail sauce, unless it is filet...(walks away muttering to herself)


                                      1. So disappointed Ipse...I thought you were an extra tarter sauce lover?

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                                        1. re: christy1122

                                          I am.

                                          But like Adam, sometimes the apple is very tempting.

                                          1. re: ipsedixit

                                            And since having ketchup with a F-o-F is not considered an Original Sin (not to me, anyway) nor a Mortal Sin and is at worse a Venial Sin one should be free to indulge.

                                          2. I would not let that ketchup near my Filet-O-Fish. Why mess with a good thing?

                                            1. Oh absolutely YAY. Ketchup belongs on ANY fried food! (well...except for Zepoles!)