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Oct 25, 2012 09:36 AM

Staying at Crystal Springs Resort this wknd... Restaurant Recommendations?

We are looking for great food, nice atmosphere... I know Restaurant Latour is right in the Resort, but it is booked solid. Anything else within a 20 min radius you would recommend?

Thanks so much!

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  1. Andres in Newton is excellent. It is under 20 minutes. Great atmosphere and food.

    I've never been to the places below but I know people that have and they speak highly of both.


    The Mowhawk House

    1. Bummer to miss out on Latour.....but you might still arrange for a cellar tour mid-afternoon as their wine collection is a Huge reason to stay at the resort. Consider begging as necessary.

      A few other destinations include the Inn at Millrace Pond as well as the Sunday Brunch at Perona Farms; both a bit of a ride but some gorgeous scenery enroute and destination dining at both venues.

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        Perona Farms Sunday brunch is that still around! I went there many times many moons ago when I was a young one! Wonderful wonderful place! They have wonderful in house smoked salmon. Lots of wonderful foods, and wonderful memories. I think it will be worth the over an hour trip for me to visit once again, wow thanks for the reminder!

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          Hope you made it to Perona (not sure if your trip still happened due to the weather). We got married there 4 years ago, and just went back for our anniversary. I always have the urge to just pull up a chair to the raw bar and go to town. And then move on to the smoked salmon. And those homemade donuts! Good grief.

      2. I would try Iron Forge Inn in Warwick. Also Belvale Creamery, just up the block. Great ice cream and fantastic view.

        Iron Forge Inn
        Iron Forge Road
        Warwick, New York