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Oct 25, 2012 09:21 AM

Palmdale, California

We're here for work and have been checking out the local restaurants. The Yard is very good with a solid kitchen that puts out meals that are fresh and haven't disappointed us.
Another brew pub called BJ's is standard fare but well done.
What every you do, avoid a Mediterranean place called Fresco at the Antelope Valley Mall. The mains were actually not even edible. The pasta dishes were swimming in water and the one pizza was a cheese ball on a bad crust. We asked for the check and left after telling the rather pleasant server that the food was just not acceptable. The chef should be fired but he may have been the owner. In a nutshell, avoid Fresco at all costs.

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    1. There are some decent little restaurants around Palmdale...

      The first two you mention are chains.

      Nopgow Thai and Thai Palms are surprisingly good. Fairly standard menu fare, but done well. Won't make one forget Thai Town, but it's reasonably close.

      Saigon Pho is the first Vietnamese in the Antelope Valley in many years (if ever). Again, not a big menu and won't make you forget Little Saigon, but good option for those who don't wish to drive. Beef, pork and tofu options, no chicken any longer (damn!).

      George's Inka Grill for Peruvian. Kinda pricey, but, again, another option in the area.

      Lancaster has AV Kebab House for Middle Eastern and La Oaxacena for Oaxacan and Persian (yes, you read that right. Fellow who runs it is Oaxacan of Persian descent). So, you can have chapulines with doogh. Also, India Sweets & Spices and Malhi's for Indian. Indian Sweets & Spices for vegetarian, Malhi's if you need your tandoori chicken. Indian Sweets & Spices also has chaats.

      And, needless to say, plenty of sushi and Mexican options. There must be some good regional Mexican (where's Street Gourmet LA when you need him?), but I'm yet to find them. Far more sushi places than Starbucks in the AV. Also some soul food places, a Cajun place and some Salvadorean places, mainly pupuserias, but there are a couple of sit-down Salvadorean restaurants, El Carbonero and Lorocco's.

      Since Tina's closed, Italian has been weak in the Antelope Valley.