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Koha deli 319 Church Ave, Kennsington.

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Balkan / Albanian / Halal Deli or market. The smoked beef and sausages were interesting.

Smoked beef was like a steak that was heavily salted and smoked. You actually buy a ready to eat cured steak. It tasted like it was heavily salted and smoked. Kind of like beef jerky only a bit more tender, no flavors or rubs other than salt. Sliced thin I enjoyed it. Like peanuts the saltiness causes a craving for one more slice.

The spicy sausage was interesting, not especially hot it also had a smokey flavor. If you like sausage this is a new style for you to try.

That's all I tried, the store has other meat and canned goods from the Balkan area. The person behind the counter spoke English and was happy to discuss the products being sold.

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