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Oct 25, 2012 09:10 AM

JM Curley Fixed Their Fries (oh no!)

The first few times I went to JM Curley I had fantastic cocktails, delicious burgers (my favorite in Boston), and very sad limp french fries. I don't mind a few softer fries, but there was not a single crispy one in the bunch. Also way too salty. However, this was not the worst thing for me, since I have a disappointingly small stomach capacity. Bad fries meant that I was not torn between finishing the burger and having some fries.

No longer. On my last trip there, the fries were completely different and seriously good. Nice and crispy but not too crispy... still maybe a little salty for my taste, but whatever. So now I'm in trouble, but overall it's definitely a good thing.

Has anyone had the fried chicken or other non-burger options here?

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  1. The fried chicken is outstanding. I've had it twice and I highly recommend it. It comes with several unique sauces which are all pretty good except the sweet and sour. The pastrami sandwhich on the lunch menu is also very good.

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      Thanks, I will definitely check out the chicken. Downtown during lunch is trickier, but I'll keep that sandwich in mind...

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        I liked the chicken, and agree about the sweet and sour (it is really disgusting). I also don't understand the service of the dish - trying to be playful, but just seemed pointless, especially the sweet tea.

      2. Funny you say this. I was there on Tuesday for lunch, and I commented how much more I enjoyed the old thicker cut fries. These felt under salted to me, and didn't have that nice crisp you need on a thin fry like that.

        The pastrami sandwich they were serving at lunch was fantastic, but it wasn't on the menu when I went earlier this week.

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          Undersalted! I can't imagine. I've always gotten super-salty fries there. I'm sad to hear that they weren't crispy for you just this week. So maybe they didn't fix the fries and instead just forgot mine in the fryer until they were accidentally properly cooked? Probably I need to just go back a million times and get to the bottom of this...

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            sorry to say but the only time I went there, not only were the fries super salty, the hamburger itself was so salty as to be inedible. I left half of it on the plate and was guzzling down water when the waitress came to take it away. No comment on it, just removed the plate and gave us the check. I haven't bothered to go back since.

        2. I like the fried chicken, although it is a huge amount of food and could certainly do without the sweet tea that comes with it. The sauces really highlight the chef's innovative use of "trashy" ingredients. However, usually when I end up there it is not a situation where I want to be saddled with a doggy bag for the rest of the evening. I typically end up with the burger (it is really tough to turn down), and personally have never found the fries to be particularly soggy. Don't know if it is still on the board, but last week's special "derrty south" burger, with pimento cheese sauce and collard greens, might have been even tastier than their standard burger option.

          On my last visit I managed to pass on the burger and went with the pork chop, which had a nice herbaceous marinade and was cooked perfectly, which is a difficult thing to achieve with a porterhouse chop. Some people might find it overly salty, but I tend to have a very salty palette. I also enjoy the steak frites, but maybe not enough to pay a premium over the burger. Have I mentioned how much I love that burger?

          The other thing I would note is that they consistently have one of the best and most creative specials boards in the city, and I have always had good luck going with whatever happens to be up there in chalk. I really wish some previous specials, such as the goat taquitos and the chili-spiced pork rinds, had found a place on their permanent menu.

          1. I can think of worse problems to have at a bar than food that's too salty. It's a problem easily solved at the tap or bottle.

            1. Fried Chicken is very good, but be prepared to leave thinking that you should have got the burger, which, as mentioned many times, is spectacular.

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                I really like their fried chicken. The fries are too seasoned for my taste.