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Hunting for lamb


I live in Arlington.. need to buy a leg of lamb, probably bone-in, maybe 6lbs or so. I know the obvious suspects - Savenor's, perhaps WF, but wanted to see where else might be good. Perhaps a halal butcher, or a small place hidden in Medford or Malden? I like the idea of a more local butcher.. Thx..

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  1. Call MF Dulock:

    201A Highland Avenue Somerville, Massachusetts 02143
    (617) 666-1970

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      Second on this suggestion. My two visits have both led to some of the best food I have ever cooked at home. I was just in there yesterday and they had a beautiful bone-in leg sitting in the display case, ready to go. I would definitely call ahead though. Their products are amazing, but due to the fairly limited volume prime cuts can be hard to score without advance notice.

    2. Maybe Nick at the Coolidge Market in Watertown (across from the diner) or M.F. Dulock in Somerville.

      1. You could check out Signal Rock Farm, which sells lamb meat at the Davis Farmer's market in Somerville (Wednesday afternoons). Really good.


        1. If Dulock doesn't work for you, McKinnons always has decent lamb for short money.

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            I second McKinnon's. I recently bought a whole shoulder from them, when I was making a tagine during the high holidays. It was vacuum packed from Australia and was excellent. You might want to call ahead to make sure that they have exactly what you are looking for. I also second Signal Rock -- we had lamb liver last week, and just bought very meaty shanks yesterday for a stew for next week. Again, it may be best to contact them first so that they can bring what you want to the market.

          2. You'll need 7lbs, as I'll be joining you for this feast.

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            1. dipaolo and rossi, on salem st. in the north end, are my go-to guys for lamb. they need a little notice for bigger cuts like shoulder, but always have chops and ground lamb. pricing is excellent.

              have also seen legs at market basket.

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                Oh, you're buying lamb?
                I saw the thread title, and pictured Elmer Fudd tiptoeing across my screen,
                saying: "be vewwy quiet, I'm hunting WAMB!!! heheheheheh

              2. savenor's is a local chain of two shops; they could use our support.

                1. http://www.mfdulock.com MF Dulock... Highly recommended. 201A Highland Ave in Somerville... Call ahead to reserve the cut you want...

                  1. Fresh Pond Market can probably do that for you. West Cambridge, Huron Village.

                    1. We've had some lovely lamb legs from this Halal place in Allston:

                      Cheema's Supermarket. 572 Cambridge Street (corner of Gordon Street).

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                        you can also get lamb from the halal butcher, downstairs on blackstone st., @ haymarket. have only bought the merguez sausage which were meh, so can't speak to pricing or flavor of the bigger lamb cuts. they do seem to have legs and shoulders whenever i am in there.

                      2. For lamb and goat, I like the Al-Hoda Meat Market in Cambridge, not far from Inman Square.