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Loukoumades, or Honey balls

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Just got back from Athens and am dying for some of these. There used to be a tiny place, in the 80's on Dorchester in Westmount next to Calories and I can't find them anywhere here.

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  1. I know a good place in Ottawa, just off Preston Street ... but that won't help you in Montreal :(

      1. re: catroast

        There was a thread up a couple of years ago http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/875020. Don't know if that helps. I just had some last night,, homemade by my Greek mother-in-law...heaven.

      2. Mr Puffs in Laval
        Mostgreek restaurants (Ellada hasgreatones, Mythos, Panama, Atomic and maybe Tripoli)
        They also have them atgreek church/community festivals in the summer...keep it in mind for next year.

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          1. I had some delicious loukoumades at Milos the other night - but that wouldn't be a quick or cheap option...