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Oct 25, 2012 07:24 AM

Nice Birthday lunch in Cobourg

Looking to take my mother for a very nice birthday lunch in Cobourg. We did Zest once for dinner, it was quite nice. Anywhere else you would recommend?
We want to sit down with some wine and linger over good food. Thanks!

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  1. It's not licenced but Dazies may interest you ....

    1. I'd recommend The Oasis. We've had countless meals there, lunch and dinner, and have never been disappointed. Also, if we have told them it was a special occasion for us when we were booking the reservation, they have often done something special to recognize it--balloons or a glass of sparkling wine. I would recommend reservations since they have such a small seating area now that the patio is closed.

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        If the OP is accustomed to Zest, The Oasis would probably be a bit of a letdown. There was a day when the food was good, but those days are gone. It isn't bad, but it isn't good enough for an occasion meal anymore.

        I've been hearing good things about, but haven't made the trek to, Spice of Life and County Bistro. The latter, inexplicably, has no website.

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          County Bistro is quite good, and Spice of Life is decent. I couldn't recommend Oasis, as their food is average, their prices are high for what you get, and the atmosphere is pretty dingy. The place needs a good scrub, from top to bottom.

      2. At least 20 years ago there was a superb chef in Cobourg , in a big restaurant , on the south side of theh main street through town. He was Austrian, but his cooking wasn't the stereotype. He gave up and said that he would stick to catering. Does anyone know what happened to him?.

        1. Corfu Mediterrian Grill - 8 King St - always excellent food. Rated #1 on Trip Advisor right now. We always eat there when we are in town. Traditional greek fare, with daily specials. Its licenced. Chef Kris & Staff are very welcoming.
          Woodlawn Inn - 420 Division St. - fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere.
          Great food paired with great wines. Every meal we've eaten there has been tremendous.

          1. The Grafton Village Inn in Grafton (just east of Cobourg) is *really* good and has great atmosphere. The Oasis is okay, but definitely not the place for a nice birthday lunch. The County Bistro is also good, and right downtown Cobourg. Daizies is cute, but very specific food, so check out the menu before you go.

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              Thank you all for the helpful suggestions.
              Daizies is definitely not what we are looking for...Think it's probably going to be Woodlawn Inn as Spice of Life does not do lunch.