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Oct 25, 2012 07:24 AM

Lunch recommendation in Manhattan (West 52nd Street between 7th & 5th Ave)

Hi I am looking forward a good place to eat lunch while I am in town.

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  1. Within a 5 block radius:

    Le Bernardin
    La Grenouille
    The Modern
    Ma Peche
    Don Antonio
    Szechuan Gourmet

    1. Needing much more information in order to help you. Price point ?- remember tax and tip will come to about 25% over the food. Do you like a light lunch or a bigger/fancier place? Any preferences regarding food types/ethnicities? Can you go an extra block north/south or east/west?

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      1. re: Jane A.

        I would like to spend > $30. Light lunch is good. I like American, Sushi, Mexican, Italian, and French. Yes, I am walking so any where (within real walking distance is good). I know NY'kers always say everything is in walking distance :)

        H Manning, you have excellent taste, my mouth is watering over Le Bernardin and La Grenouille, but I am on a small lunch per diem. However, Toloache looks reasonable.

        1. re: travelinggirl

          If you arent drinking, I think you should be able to do well on 30USD at Benoit. Milos has a lunch prix fixe that is maybe 25USD, that is great. I think Benoit has a lunch deal as well. There is Del'Arte de Pizza or something also on 55/6, good pizza and has the trendy deep fried pizza. There is a joes shanghai on 56, and its nowhere near as good as the one downtown, but if you havent been, maybe its worth a try. You should be able to get a good app and entree at Ma Peche if you want to try David Chang's food.

          I ramble, I guess my point is, you can do pretty well on 30USD if you arent drinking, and there are a number of good options in the 50s around 6th ave.

          1. re: Hey19

            do you mean PizzArte on West 55th?

          2. re: travelinggirl

            In addition to Toloache, look into the bar menu at Ma Peche. The Plaza Food Hall might also be a good option.

            1. re: H Manning

              I would absolutely recommend the Plaza Food Hall - so many quick, fantastic options.

              1. re: LeahBaila

                I agree with Plaza Food Hall; great quality to price ratio, as long as you don't expect table service. You make your selection at one of the counters, and then eat at one of the tables scattered around, but still a nice upscale ambiance. If it's a nice day, walk a block and 1/2 to Central Park.

        2. Seasonal has a 3-course lunch prix fixe for $29.

          Hakkasan has a 3-course lunch prix fixe for $29 as well.

          1. You didn't say you were interested in Asian other than sushi, but Totto Ramen (some of the best in the city) is a few blocks west on 52nd, and Danji is also on the same block. Famous Halal Guys cart on 53rd & 6th.

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            1. re: crsin

              Note that Danji is excellent but only serves weekday lunch.

              1. re: kathryn

                +1 Danji. Fantastic wings, sliders

                Love Don Antonio as well

                1. re: Ziggy41

                  Thank you everyone for your wonderful recommendations, due to Hurricane Sandy my trip has been postponed. I have been through many hurricanes myself, so please stay safe and stock up on food and drinks!