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Oct 25, 2012 06:12 AM

Dinner for 5 Nights


I would like to hear your top 5 restaurants for dinner in Manhattan. nothing too fancy (no more than $40 per person). just really good food with a good atmosphere. Also NO indian/thai/chinese food as my wife isnt a fan. Steakhouses, italian, mexcian, english please

We are staying on west 75th street but we dont mind travelling if its going to be worth it

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  1. $40pp before tax and tip? Or after?

    Also are you willing to wait for a table? Or do you require reservations? When is your trip? Many restaurants book up in advance.

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    1. re: kathryn

      hi we arrive on the 9th december and staying for 5 nights. would i need reservations for midweek?

      before tips. preferably including taxes. drinks not included

      i dont mind paying that little bit extra if its worth it but dont want to be paying over $100 for dinner


      1. re: vman77

        Depends--I ask because some of the places in your price range don't take reservations.

        $50pp including tax and tip is about $39pp before tax and tip, which makes it easier to make recommendations.

        Also, in addition to the cuisines you listed, would you also consider American, BBQ, burgers, pizza, seafood, Southern?

    2. I'll recommend Pastis , Balthazar ( both French Bistro), Lavagna,(italian) Lure, Pearl Oyster bar (both seafood),Cafe Cita (cuban)

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      1. re: foodwhisperer

        Lavagna is a good idea if they go for the $32 prix fixe (6:00-7:00pm Nightly and 5:00-7:00pm Sunday):

        Pastis and Balthazar strike me as too expensive, though I suppose there's some theoretical way to keep the food cost under $40 before tip.

      2. You might possibly be able to get dinner at Buenos Aires, a good (as of the last time I went, at least a year ago) Argentinian steakhouse, for $40 before tip. Check their menu:

        If it's too expensive for you, forget about going to any steakhouse in Manhattan.

        For Italian food, consider Supper:

        For Mexican, go to Tehuitzingo. It's so cheap, you may feel OK about spending more for other meals.

        I think you should have some pizza meals. It's cheap and Italian. South Brooklyn makes a good margherita slice, and you should also consider most any of the restaurants and pizzerias that come up all the time on this board when pizza is discussed (except Artichoke). Just a couple of examples: Patsy's in East Harlem and Arturo's (which also makes some excellent and fairly inexpensive Italian-American dishes) in the Village.

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        1. re: Pan

          You've got a plethora of places right around you.
          For seafood there is Atlantic Grill right across from Lincoln Center.
          There is also Ed's Chowder House in the Empire Hotel across from LC as well.
          Telepan is a popular venue at 69th & Broadway
          For a small French bistro, popular with the Lincoln Center crowd, try the little walk-down
          La Boite en Bois at 68th & Columbus.
          I would first mention La Silhouette, Picholine and Lincoln but you need to peruse their prices which I think are above your limit.
          Bar Boulud, across from LC, is a happening kind of place which you might also like.
          Quest is a bit tired these days but certainly decent.
          Bon appetit!

          1. re: arepo

            Telepan has a lot of mains in the $30s, right? How many of the places you mention are really possible to eat at for $40 including tax for food?

            1. re: Pan

              thanks for all the ideas guys - maybe i need to look at my budget again
              my wife is vegetarian so my question is do most of these places offer good vege options?
              i would love to try BBQ in the USA but my worry is that they dont have good vege options?
              I would love to try tri-tip beef if you can recommend anywhere that serves this?

              1. re: vman77

                Your budget is certainly doable, but it's hard for steakhouses and very easy for Chinese places (which you don't want).

                In terms of vegetarian food, you have to check each menu separately. There is plenty a vegetarian can eat at Buenos Aires, though, and Supper would also be fine for a vegetarian. But these places are in the East Village.

                You're staying on the Upper West Side, so consider Cafe Blossom: It's probably a bit overpriced (it _is_ the Upper West Side, after all), but their food is good and a bit inventive.

                Another place which unlike Blossom is not vegetarian, but which is good and has very good vegetable dishes, is Kefi. I think you'd find their menu not to be a problem for either of you.

        2. I recommend eating every meal on such a short trip in other neighborhoods: the UWS has great grocery stores and proximity to the park and Lincoln Center, but culinarily it's dull and lame. I cant recommend a single restaurant there for a visitor except maybe Boulud Sud and thats a bit pricey. Search for cuisines you like in all parts of town and then hop a subway.