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Oct 25, 2012 04:52 AM

Sitram Catering Cookware

I just purchased a Sitram Catering saucepan, (2.8 qt.), which arrived yesterday. After reading reviews about this brand, I decided that this would be the ticket to replacing the old Revereware set we have. I knew it was time to invest in a nice cookware set when screws on the saucepan's handles fell out while I was drying it. (They almost fell down the garbage disposal! That would have been fun)

I ordered the pan from, which charges for shipping. But I discovered that offers the brand for a few dollars more in some cases, but there's no charge for shipping.

I am delighted. Initially, I wondered if the handle would be comfortable, but no problems. I can't wait to complete my set, which will include a 3.3 qt saucepan w lid, 11" saute pan , 11" fry pan with lid and a 4 qt. stockpot w lid.

Are there any owners of Sitram Catering out there? I'd appreciate it if I could get some input on what I believe to be a great investment.

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  1. I love my Sitram Catering saute pan, skillet, and rondeau. Great performance, incredibly sturdy, and very easy to clean. That satiny interior finish is wonderful. I only have two quibbles. One is that the handles of the saute pan and skillet are very long, which can create a bit of crowding on my ordinary household stove; but I can certainly deal with that. The other is that the skillet is a bit shallower than I'd like. However, the base is wider than the base of the same-diameter All-Clad skillet (which I also have), so there are many times when I prefer the Sitram. In case it wasn't clear already: I think Sitram Catering is an excellent choice.

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      Thanks for your post. I used my saucepan for the first time, boiling cellophane noodles for lunch. It was great and I will be so happy when I complete the set I want. You mentioned having a rondeau pan. Is that for making dishes like paella?

      1. re: GibsonGirl55

        Glad to know your saucepan gave satisfaction. In answer to your question, the rondeau is too deep to serve as a paella pan. It's proportioned like a saute pan, but has two short handles rather than one long one. Good for stews, braises, that sort of thing. But it's so large (7.5 quarts) that I don't often get the pleasure of using it; the saute pan (about 5 quarts) meets most of my needs.

    2. I've had a few pieces for going on 20 years and they've held up very well to heavy use and not-gentle hand scrubbing with various cleansers...

      1. My Sitram pots and pans are work horses. The heavy disc bottoms cook foods evenly, and the lip is curved for efficient pouring. The handles stay cooler than some of my other pots. These pots and pans will be in good shape to hand down to the next generation.

        1. no complaints about Sitram, I have several and they're all top notch.

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