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Oct 25, 2012 01:24 AM

Seattle "Itinerary"

OK, so I'm trying to figure out my schedule for Seattle. I'll be in the city (at the Westin) on Thursday and Friday evenings. At the moment I've got a reservation at Spur Gastropub on Thursday, though I'm far from sold on that location. It might be better for us to focus on a nice bar with good cocktails and solid but less "fancy" food. I do enjoy a small plates kind of restaurant with lots of things to try, but I'm not committed to anything in particular.

I'm also still looking for one more casual restaurant for my last day in Seattle (Friday). My mom and step dad are coming into town, and they're NOT foodies. They recently ate at a bistro-style restaurant in a hotel in Seattle, and thought it was fancy. Not to say I can't convince them to do something tasty, but anything with too much complexity is probably out. They also tend to react strangely to food plated too intricately, if that makes any sense.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. For Friday, you might go with Le Pichet. It's a french cafe, so everything is simple, rustic, but also really delicious. Less delicious, but very 'digestible' for non-foodies is Palace Kitchen. For Thursday night, Spur is a nice bar, but for something a little less upscale could be Local 360. Other alternatives would be the new Green Leaf in Belltown, or Long Provincial (both Vietnamese, with good fairly good bars).