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Oct 24, 2012 11:21 PM


I want to go out with a small group (6?) of friends on a weekend night in San Francisco. I am looking for somewhere to eat that would also be fun to sit around and drink afterwards, or (more likely) somewhere to eat close to somewhere fun to drunk. I'm thinking around $15 or less for an entree type of places (I guess we'd rather spend our money on expensive drinks), and I'd be happy for anywhere to drink that isn't a traditional bar (so... saloons? beerdardens? tiki themed?). I thought of Zeitgeist but we may have gotten too old for that, and Bourbon and branch is fun (if we can get a reservation) but there isn't really somewhere fun to eat nearby. I know you guys will have ideas...

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  1. Tacolicious either in the Marina or the Mission (I don't believe they do reservations - unsure). Limon Rotisserie (though it's beer & wine only).

    1. I'd head to Smuggler's Cove for a cocktail and then you can have all of Hayes Valley to choose from for food. I've been enjoying Kebab on Hayes a lot lately before performances because the food is great, they've got a few nice seating areas that can accommodate a larger group, and you can settle in with Yemeni coffee after the cocktails and meal.

      Alternately, there is Suppenkuche for great beer and German food (although a table for six is harder to get unless you arrive early), Arlequin Cafe has the garden in the back and a fabulous lamb burger or roast chicken (you can get a bottle or two of wine at the neighboring wine shop), or Paxti's Pizza.

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        Lers Ros or The Grove are also in the price range and in Hayes.

        You can switch it up between Smuggler's Cove, Absinthe or Two Sisters for good cocktails and different vibes!