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Oct 24, 2012 09:34 PM

Tacoma spot with decent food, TV viewable from dining area

I'm heading up to Tacoma from the Bay Area tomorrow, to visit my below-drinking-age daughter in Tacoma. I'd like to keep an eye on the World Series game starting at 5 p.m. while the two of us grab an early dinner somewhere ... but she can't sit at the bar, and I want to be able to at least see the TV from our table. Cuisine is secondary, so long as it's decent. Any recs? A brewpub with a really big TV?

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  1. This suggestion is a bit off the wall... Infinite Soups has more than a dozen really good homemade soups everyday. They have no seating. But their customers are welcome bring their soup and sit in Malarkey's Pool & Brew. It's right next door. It looks like a dive from the outside, but it's spacious, with lots of daylight, and nice people. My husband and I sat in a booth, ordered cokes from the bar and hung out for a bit.

    Last time I ate three cups of soup - a chicken chile verde, a pumpkin curry, and a potato cheddar. So good!

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      The Ram down on the waterfront would have TV's all over. Nothing special though.

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        1. Engine House Number 9 - brew pub with decent food and plenty of screens. We watched some of the Olympics there too.

          1. Our new favorite is Boathouse 19. Good for TV viewing - nice view of the boathouse - and great food. Food is casual - my favorite is the Shrimp Po Boy and hubby's is the burger. Steamer clams have the best broth; but make sure you order the garlic bread to go with. Happy hour starts at 3 PM and you don't have to sit at the bar.