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Oct 24, 2012 08:52 PM

Bright Lights, Big City: Celtic Ready to Say "Can't Beat LA?"

Boston Chow- (not Chowder) Head wants to see what LA has to offer. In particular, have least 2 dinners w/ about 6 serious diners (NYC, SF, BOS) who also care about wine. Most staying downtown, 4 Seasons, JW Marriott etc. Anything goes. Steak? Modern? Ethnic? But probably more of a destination/fun place/scene rather than hole in the wall, chow-find. Some one else likely paying so price not an object (jk) - high but not highest end ok but emphasis on quality. Not allergic to cabs since Downtown reviews seem mixed on the repeat mentions but also prefer to not have to pack a snack for the ride, multiple cabs, etc. Not an easy pitch but... also a Red Sox fan so know how to rely on hope... Thanks!

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  1. Search for Baco Mercat, Spice Table, Drago Centro, Rivera, R-23, CBS Seafood.
    You might want drinks and snacks at The Standard, The Edison, Cole's/The Varnish.
    On the wine with food front, try Pacific Dining Car, Patina and Water Grill.
    The big splurge with cab ride would be Providence.

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        open for dinner only. no more lunch and sandwiches.

    1. Consider WP24 in the JW Marriott for drinks & snacks at sunset, great views of the city.

      1. In/around Downtown, consider Patina or WP24.

        If you're not adverse to a longer cab ride (say about 20 minutes in traffic), I would consider CUT or Red Medicine or the (new) Spago.

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          Also a distance but are well worth the cab trips are Providence and either Mozza.

        2. Definitely Patina, Water Grill in downtown LA. for both food and wine. Patina is in the ground floor of Disney Hall, which would allow you to see it at the same time, btw.
          Drago Centro for Italian food in City National Plaza is just down the hill a few blocks from Disney Hall, closer to the JW Marriott and Staples Center if convenience is of concern.
          A drink near the JW hotel at the Hotel Figueroa is always a fun thing to do.
          Other nearby places would include Roy's of Hawaii and especially Rivera, which is reallllly good Mexican/Latin food.
          Also a couple of good wine bars near Staples Center as well.

          1. One (not so long) cab ride should devoted be to The Penthouse at Mastro's in Beverly Hills for that big, opulent steakhouse feel...

            Scene: Though the lower 2 floors at Mastro's are also great, I think The Penthouse has an especially great vibe. Lots of Beverly Hills locals holding court at their tables on the open balcony, and everyone has great cocktails in hand. The servers are easy on the eyes as well. And if the Lakers are on the flat screen, you'll know you're in L.A. (i.e. half the people aren't watching at all).

            Food: Wonderful bone-in ribeyes & filets (done right exactly the way you want it), lobster mashed potatoes, crabmeat gnocchi, seafood towers, warm buttercake. Great choice of wines (I like a good Malbec with my steak).

            Enjoy L.A.!