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Oct 24, 2012 08:09 PM

Muffin Recipes - Advice?

Hello -

For Christmas, with a bunch of different family members (kids, adults, grandparents, etc.), my daughter would like to be the Muffin Making Princess for Sunday breakfast add-on.

She is hoping to involve a cousin or two so I am thinking mass quantities but lots of variety.

Are there any tried-n-true muffin recipes out there that would be raving successes (hard to face disappointed family esp. at a holiday gathering), appeal to all age groups, and come out delicious in those muffin making small appliances?

We have been trying a variety of recipes and some come out like the Beverly Hillbilly Ellie-Mae's creations - rock hard & teeth breaking :). We have settled for cake recipes made into muffins (light and fluffy) but all of those are sweet and she would also like to make some savory. Successes w/ non-aluminum baking powder please. That is the only type of baking powder that we have and use...

Your help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Something with bacon and onions or scallions and cheese? Maybe a corn muffin recipe that you know you like the results of with this as add ins.

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    1. re: splatgirl

      Thank you splatgirl, we have it down on our list. Now the fun part, testing :)!

    2. If you have access to Bittmann's "How to Cook Everything", he has a very good basic muffin recipe and suggestions for add-ins. I've used it a few times with good results.
      And don't sweat the baking powder... I only use the non-aluminum kind myself.

      But I do caution you about the muffin making appliance. My SIL got one for the nephews, and since it only made 6 or 7 at a time, the wait was interminable. Better to get an extra muffin tin or two.

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        In the US there are 2 main alternatives without aluminum acids - Rumford and Argo. Argo is a true double acting bp, every bit as effective as Calumet. Rumford is a semi-double acting. Most muffin recipes do not specify or require double acting bp. The only case where it would make a big difference is if the batter if refrigerated overnight, when the initial CO2 (cold release) has a chance to dissipate. As long as you bake the muffins shortly after mixing, you shouldn't notice much difference due to the choice of baking powder.

        Muffins with molasses, fruit puree (e.g. pumpkin), or buttermilk may also use baking soda.

        1. re: paulj

          We usually use Rumford as I can buy it in the huge canister. I will have to look for Argo and compare. We are going to be making the various dry ingredients a few days in advance and labeling what wet we need to speed us up in the process but I will definitely keep the overnight advice in mind! Thank you for the advice!!

            1. re: paulj

              Wow paulj - I feel truly educated on baking powder! Thank you for sharing that link!!

              I am going to grab some Argo next time I am in town and I am also going to try Debra's biscuit recipe that she linked to in her article. We love biscuits (probably way more than we should but I hate those store bought salty, greasy ones!) and am always on the look-out for the 'best' recipe.

              Many thanks!

              1. re: cabinsink

                I found that article while participating in a long biscuit thread - earlier this year I think.

          1. re: kattyeyes

            Thanks kattyeyes... didn't even think about a link :)

            Thos coffee cake muffins are my fave, esp with the walnuts.

            1. re: kattyeyes

              Thank you kattyeyes - we appreciate the link!!

            2. re: iluvcookies

              I know, the wait goes on for forever! One of the cousins will also have hers and the oven is going to be used too. It is nice to have the muffin making appliance as it truly does create a feeling of festivity and a sense of accomplishment - nice when everyone pitches in and feels good about the help they give.

              I see a link to Bittman's muffins further down - Thank you for the help! We will use the basic muffin recipe and see what inspires us for add-ins - will share if any are stunners!

            3. All the Barefoot Contessa/Ina Garten recipes are good and seemingly fail-proof. Here is a blueberry: Search food network or barefoot contessa site for more.

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              1. re: maxie

                Thank you maxie - will do - all these excellent ideas are going to keep us busy taste testing :)!! We have some blueberries frozen from summer and will look forward to enjoying our harvest.

              2. Check the link. Tons of great recipes.


                I love going through this website for ideas and recipes.

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                1. re: Novelli

                  Novelli - Thank you for the link! I am not sure that I have ever been on this site - how sad is that???

                  The Cranberry Upside Down Muffins look Christmas-y and interesting to make. All the other recipes look great too, will need to pare them down :)

                  Many thanks!

                  1. re: cabinsink

                    everything i have made from that joy of baking site has been excellent.

                2. Head over to CHOW for the finalists and submitted recipes in CHOW's muffin recipe contest, held in 2011.

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                  1. re: greygarious

                    Thank you greygarious - will do!! Another link that came up was for a very old posting by Mrs. Smith. The muffin recipes (a contest for the best ...) look great!

                    I think this is a link (small disclaimer since I am new to this site... :))