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Soup & Salad

I am hosting the soup and salad course of a neighbourhood travelling dinner. My guests are vegetarian, but not vegan (eggs and dairy is ok). Ideas? Wine pairing advice is also welcome!

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  1. A traditional egg drop soup with ginger and scallions. Pair it with a good Riesling.

    1. Tomtao bisque with a roasted cabbage and spinach salad tossed in a sherry vinegar based dressing?

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      1. It's fall! A lovely squash soup with a small portion of Jose Andres's apple and manchego salad on the side would be awesome. Note: cut the apple and manchego pieces the same size so that you can't tell them apart. It's very fun: http://albioncooks.blogspot.com/2006/...

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          I second this. I'd go to the market, buy the nicest looking squash you can find, roast it until super soft with lots of salt, olive oil, pepper, maybe sage or rosemary and blend it with veggie stock and a little cream.

          It's not as seasonal, but you can make a similar soup using the same technique with eggplant, sumer squash, turnips, beets, celery root, cauliflower, whatever. add some garlic, onions, hot peppers, apples or whatever you like to the roasting pan and blend those in too. Blended veg soups are very easy and versatile, and they come out elegant and impressive. It pays to master them.

          pair this with a salad of any seasonal green (arugula, mache), fruit, cheese, maybe some grains nuts or croutons, and you're good to go.

        2. Hot and Sour with vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. Mushroom barley. Three bean chili. Black bean hominy soup.

          1+ Tomato Bisque or buttern nut squash soup!

          1. Lentil with fall vegetables - acorn squash, potato, mushroom, etc. Either a kale slaw type salad or a caesar with garlic croutons.

            1. Last year my family made a delicious creamy oyster soup with a beautiful whole oyster dolloped in the middle of a luxurious cream soup. There are numerous recipes on line, I'm not sure where my Dad got the recipe. A creamy squash/sweet potato soup would fit the bill beautifully as well.
              My fav first course salad is usually spinach with your choice of a course chopped nut, a crumbled cheese, and a fruit. Then pair that with a vinaigrette using a vinegar that matches your choices. For instance, spinach, pecan, red pear, and mild blue cheese with a champagne vinaigrette.

              Happy Thanksgiving. Your progressive party sound fun!

              1. Go Caribbean. Cuban black bean soup can be made vegetarian if you skip the ham bone and do everything else the same (green pepper, onion, tomato paste). Make it thick and hearty by pureeing half of it and returning it to the pot. Add plenty of garlic and cumin and a little hot chili pepper. And make it ahead of time so it can ripen in the refrigerator for a couple of days. Have chopped raw onion and cooked rice to add to it. And for sure have a bottle of sherry so people can add a slug to their soup at the table. For your salad, do greens with lots of avocado and some scallions and tomato. French bread on the side.

                1. Kale is in season now, so I suggest a raw massaged kale salad. I love mine with shredded beets, almond and raisins with a lemon vinaigrette rubbed right into the kale. It has always been a hit for gatherings and travels well (and kale salads make great leftovers)! I've also made a great kale sale with roasted squash and pomegranate. Yum! :)


                  1. for guest lunch yesterday I did winter squash soup with gruyere crouton (from epicurious.com), and a mixed green, pear, chevre and candied pecan salad with balsamic vinagrette.
                    both would be awesome with a nice crisp white