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Oct 24, 2012 05:59 PM

Help: Lots of Great Restaurant Recommendations, but Which Ones are Walking Distance From My Location?

In DC for a long weekend, staying at the Willard on Pennsylvania Ave. Have seen so many great recommendations for dinner and brunch, but not knowing the city I don't know which ones are within walking distance.

Can someone advise what "area" of the city we're in and what are their top recommendations within walking distance. We'll need dinner and Sunday brunch, and even a breakfast or two.

Prefer restaurants that are moderate in price, the $$$ version of OpenTable i.e. $30 and under for entrees. Nice, fun ambiance. We're two freinds seeing the city and celebrating a mutual birthday.

We prefer no Indian, middle eastern, and we're not big on fish or super spicy, but everything else is good.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Go to Central Michel Richard. Many good recs already on this board, so do a search.

    Split the Celebration Cake for dessert.

    1. Ceiba if you can't get to Central for some reason. Co Co Sala if you just want dessert or just want to shop for some chocolates.

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        CoCo Sala also has a wonderful brunch

      2. "Can someone advise what "area" of the city we're in"

        it's a very central location, restaurants that are within an easy stroll (well my idea is a long stroll to some) include ones in Dupont, Penn Quarter, Logan Circle, Adams Morgan, Foggy Bottom. you've got a ton of options. you're right by the WH after all, pretty much everything radiates outta there. enter some of those terms into your search parameters and you'll get some good pointers. while I do say "uh yeah what Steve and Keith said" there's also a helluva lot more. (and also within 10 or so easy blocks - hey it ain't SF)

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          The dc subway system known as the metro puts almost all locations within a short walk. It is safe and clean and easy to use.

          1. re: dining with doc

            I'd 2nd that, you'll be very close to Metro Center where most of the lines connect although I suppose Farragut West and Federal Triangle are a bit closer. in any case 90% of places suggested in the District proper are easily accessed. well ok maybe not the emerging 'Atlas District' on H NE, but those restaurants are served by the Connector bus.

        2. You will be in the downtown ("Metro Center")/Chinatown/Penn Quarter area. I thought of Central immediately for the dinner. For breakfasts, you could go to Pain Quotidien on F Street (nice breads and spreads, healthy options), or get breakfast tacos at District Taco, or French pastries at Paul Bakery (down Pennsylvania, at the Archives metro stop). All have sit-down options, but are casual.

          For Sunday brunch, consider Birch & Barley or The Pig, both new and popular options - which are a longish walk, up to Logan Circle. You might want to check into reservations.