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Oct 24, 2012 05:50 PM

Bus Trip in November.. Eats?

My wife and I will be coming to the City on a Bus Trip on 11-17-12. We will be getting dropped off at RCMH. We plan on doing a lot of walking.. We will be looking for a nice place for some lunch. Need some recommendations, willing to take a Taxi if need be. I would like to stay away from the chains.. Just looking for a nice quiet lunch... American Fare... Same goes for Dinner, would like that to be somewhere in the vacinity of RCMH since our bus will be picking us up there.

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  1. Right there is quality seafood spot Oceana

    (You may wish to mention how much you are willing to pay - plus tax and tip)

    1. Budget is $50 for lunch & $75 for dinner including tax/tip....

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        Try Vice Versa for an Italian dinner done well.
        For French-ish try La Silhouette.
        For Greek seafood try Molyvos across from Carnegie Hall.
        BTW: Just what and where is RCMH?

        1. re: arepo

          Radio City Music Hall, I presume