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Oct 24, 2012 05:52 PM

Brown rice suggestions (for rice cooker)

My husband and I are trying to switch to all brown rice instead of white. We have liked the Lundberg brand short grain brown a lot but can't buy it in bulk in our area as we would like to do. I went to an Asian market and bought a 4lb bag of Sukoyaka Genmai short grain brown rice to try out before buying the really big bag. It's been good but I've become a little disenchanted with it's mushiness. Perhaps I should have experimented with less water, but our Zojirushi has always done a terrific job with rice--until this. Since I'm out of it now and need to buy more, I thought I'd ask for suggestions. Again, we would especially like to be able to buy in bulk.

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  1. What proportion of rice:water are you using?
    I do 1 3/4 c water to 1 cup short grain brown rice on the brown rice setting and all is good,no mush.

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      I use the markings on the rice cooker. It has worked fine for Lundberg and every other type of rice, but perhaps is too much for the Sukoyaka Genmai.

    2. Have you tried long-grain brown rices? They tend to be less starchy and so less mushy. I'm a big fan of brown basmati or "texmati."

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      1. re: Lady_Tenar

        I actually have a bag of Lundberg brown basmati that I haven't tried yet. But if I like it, I suppose I'll be back to the same problem of whether I could buy it in bulk. My husband REALLY likes rice.

      2. Could it be a new crop vs. old rice issue? My Cuckoo rice cooker has separate water line for "old rice" that's a bit higher than for the regular glutinous rice setting - maybe your bag of Sukoyaka is a new crop and thus needs less water than the Lundberg?

        Our Costco carries the Lundberg, and otherwise I buy whatever organic brown rice I can get at a Korean market - sorry I don't recall the brand name. But i haven't had trouble with mushiness. I do soak brown rice longer than white rice (60 vs. 30 minutes) but I can't imagine that longer soaking would prevent mushiness - seems like it would be the opposite. Stupid question, but are you rinsing it well before soaking & cooking?

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          Hmmm looking at reviews on Amazon for the Sukoyaka brown rice, and folks say they used the white rice setting on their rice cooker. If you are using brown rice setting, could that make it mushy/overcooked?

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            I just noticed that the bag says "easy cooking" whole grain brown rice. Maybe it's softer than the norm and that's why it can be done on the white rice setting. I just might give it another shot in that case. Thanks!

        2. Which zoshi?
          My insurance company bought me the one that has the brown rice/gaba setting since at the time it was cheaper than long term supplements for my eyes. I never ave had an issue with any brown rice done in that model.

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          1. re: exvaxman

            I have the NS-ZCC18. It does brown rice very well (as I've said about the Lundberg brand), but doesn't have a gaba setting.