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Oct 24, 2012 05:27 PM

Preliminary Itinerary for Spring Trip to Paris

Hello! My husband and I will be spending a few nights in Paris next spring with the sole purpose of soaking up the culture and cuisine of the city. I've begun the daunting task of researching our meals and would very much appreciate any thoughts on my preliminary list. I'm attempting to create a mix of styles of French cuisine and atmospheres. Apologies in advance if I've misclassified a restaurant! And of course, my list is subject to change based on openings and closings between now and next spring. Thanks for your help!

-Chez L'Ami Jean for nose-to-tail cooking/bustling atmosphere
-L'Arpege for Monday lunch (reservation already secured)
-La Regalade and Bistrot Paul Bert for classic bistro food
-Le Chateubriand for avant garde cusine
-Grazie for casual Sunday dinner post French Open
-Frenchie Bar a Vins for Monday dinner (near our hotel so we'll plan to get there when it opens at 7pm as I've read about the crowds)

A few other spots that very much appeal - Spring, Sarturne and Au Passage. Should I substitute one or more of these with any of the above?

Also, we're certainly not whetted to pizza at Grazie. We are in the NYC area and have enough pizza where we live. But it seems that very few places in Paris are open Sundays and the cocktail den atmosphere at Grazie looked fun.

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  1. You really have lots of options for Sunday night. Here is just one list:

    1. '-La Regalade and Bistrot Paul Bert for classic bistro food'

      This is only entry l would take exception withof ones l have dined.
      Went to Regalade last week and think it is a step or so down from last visit two years ago, certainly not bad but not what it was, l also have never seen the value of B Paul Bert.

      My replacements for these two would be:

      L'Ami Louis
      Chez Denise
      Chez Josephine Dumonet
      Chez Casimir
      Le Grand Pan.