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A new BBQ option in Mississauga

This spot has been open for at least a month or so, near the Dixie and Dundas intersection, which has so far been a hard place to find many Chow-worthy finds. Trust me.

Pulled pork sandwich with a nice side of slaw this afternoon. Delicious.
When I got out of my car I could smell the smoker! In that good way...


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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Will put it on the "to try" list. They need to do a majour spell check on their website though, spelling "environment" as "invironment" and "their" as "thier". I didn't even look for more mistakes but lack of attention to a website makes me wonder a bit a out a restaurant.

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    1. re: ylsf

      Heck I couldn't even find the address on the site.
      Stephen could you give an exact address for the place near there quit a bit, co I'm interested.

      1. re: damonster

        It's in a little strip plaza West of Dixie on Dundas. Just drove by it and the address is 1133 Dundas.

        And to answer 13inches, it's not really a sit down place...there are some stools that reminded me of Burrito Boyz, where you can sit in the window and scarf, but it is mostly take out.

    2. How does it compare to other west-end places like RD's, Paul & Sandy, Blue Sage or the now defunct Oink-n-Moo ?

      1. Sigh. It's when I see things like this that I get the "Don't bother" feeling: "Holy Smokez Cheese Steak - Original Style - Made the original way just like Philadelphia intended it to be! We take our Slow Smoked Beef........"
        To the best of my knowledge, Philly Cheesesteaks ARE NOT made with smoked meat.

        Or this: "HolySmokes Texas Chilli - This is the real deal with black beans and pulled beef!"
        NO beans in Texas Chili. Sorry


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          As somebody who grew up on the Jersey shore and am a confirmed Cheesesteak craving nut job, I had to try this. And no, Davwud, they aren't made with smoked meat. It's more typically raw rib eye shaved thin...

          Having said that, this was a really good sandwich for $7.99. Lots of not very smoky, but tender beef, with some cooked onions and green peppers in a cheese sauce. And the bread was the same soft white bun used for their BBQ sandwiches, so that isn't old school Philly either.

          I'd still recommend a visit if you are nearby....

          1. re: stephen

            I have no problem with them using smoked beef or the same bun that's used for their Q. Where I have a problem is saying something is "Original Style - Made the original way just like Philadelphia intended it to be" and doing something other than that. They need to be called on it. That's all.

            A more minor pet peeve is why can't we do this and just call it a Toronto (Style) Cheesesteak?? For example.


            1. re: Davwud

              Probably because the natives don't have a clue what a textbook/canonical Cheese Steak should be. Same old mild fraud that's been used for years for other dishes/cuisines, the best examples being "Mexican" food(sic).

              1. re: Kagemusha

                The best examples range from "fine dining" al lthe way to "diner"" and "burger joint""

                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                  They must be listening...rewritten menu and web site now.

        2. Funny this place was just mentioned on BlogTO (I know a recent bump here just got removed ):

          I have been, I am reserving judgement as I said I would give it another chance, but, I was not impressed by the way the owner handled my feedback after asking for it.... That is all I will say on this for now.

          Curious to hear if any other CHers made it out and what they thought. Very unusual for BlogTO to go out to Mississauga so kind of weird to see that "profile" (which is not a "Review"). You can read their review policy there.

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            With 6-month's experience behind them these friendly folks seem to have learned and worked through most of their typical restaurant novice errors.

            The smoked pork and brisket are superior local examples of the craft. They don't attempt to hot-hold so the meats are moist enough to make even a toasted bun's life pretty short. Better to eat in the store.

          2. Stopped in to pick up a Banh Mi from New Saigon and stumbled on Holy Smokez late one afternoon last week.

            Lots of BBQ eating guys going in and out, and I got good feed back from my informal "exit poll" outside the door (while holding two Banh Mi). Sooooo....

            Ordered a pulled pork sandwich with slaw and a half rack. Owner Rick gave me a sample of the brisket with sauce to try. All very good. Nice smoke, good chew, tasty sauces... HUGE PP sandwich with lots of meat for about $8 was a great value. I'll be back.

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              Thanks for the update. I will give them another chance.

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                How were the ribs? did they fall off the bone? I'm dying to find a place nearby that has good ribs, but their website doesn't even list ribs as part of their daily menu (only by special order).

                1. re: BigWillyWonka

                  The ribs were tender, moist, had a nice mild smoky flavor, and their red sauce (as a dipping sauce) was very good. I didn't try the hotter sauce. They were very good, but weren't "fall off the bone". Give all their Q a try.

                  BBQ purist insist that ribs shouldn't fall off the bone. Personally, I like a rib that does. At home, I braise mine at 225 in a foil pouch for 2 hrs before smoking, saucing, and slow baking to finish (also considered a "faux pas" by the purists). But man they are goooood...

                  1. re: PoppiYYZ

                    I find that when the meat is cooked to the point of "fall off the bone" that it starts to become kinda spongy. Where as "cling to the bone" can have a pleasing chew.
                    Mine are side ribs done 5 hours on the smoker then 3 hours in the oven covered. No need for sauce.

                    But it's your food, eat it as you like.


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                      do you know if the ribs are part of their daily menu?

                      1. re: PoppiYYZ

                        I have been meaning to come back and post about my recent experiences here.

                        I had a brisket sandwich and ribs on my last trip. Figured I would give this spot a last chance since I was in the area (3rd time I have tried it). This will definitely be my last. I am not sure why this place gets such positive reviews on Urban Spoon and Yelp. I guess people don't know what true BBQ is. I haven't even had true BBQ in the south but I know what good BBQ is based on some other places I have visited in the USA and even some local places do much better than this.

                        Anyway, the ribs tasted like they were cooked in a slow cooker. No hint of smoke at all.

                        The brisket tasted like the kind of beef you get in a Tim Horton's steak and cheese sandwich.

                        Anyway, I guess they are appealing to a certain type of market but when they say "Best Southern BBQ north of the Border" on their website and and signage that just makes me mad.